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More You Tube BBQ Barbecue Pitmasters

BBQ Tutorials

Ah, the ease of Learning Online. There are so many excellent You Tube Barbecue Pitmasters these days that will show you how to grill, which equipment to use and recipes to follow – all on line visually.

Following on from the last piece from Pitmaster and the Cook, this article focuses on five further Barbecue YouTubers that show Barbecue Tutorials, that are worth watching/subscribing too.

More You Tube BBQ Barbecue Pitmasters

You Tube BBQ: All Things Barbecue: Where Barbecue Legends are made!

They want to spread their passion for outdoor cooking to as many people as possible.

They base their store in Wichita and it is from here that they hold their popular cooking classes. These classes cover a wide variety of topics from how to choose the best equipment to detailing a wide range of Barbecue recipes. Chef Tom Jackson heads up the cooking school.

They upload a new video every Tuesday and often additional throughout the week. Whilst the focus is on all things beef they are worth checking out for additional videos like their awesome smoked pumpkin butter prepared on a skillet over the fire.

Smoked Barbecue Brisket with Burnt ends is one of Chef Tom’s most-watched videos. Click on the link below.

They have 309 000 subscribers

Views count:25,575,762

Video Count:- 361


Weber Grills: A Grill like no Other! Chef Jamie Purviance 

Chef Jamie is Weber’s Culinary Director. Apart from giving out handy tips of various Weber products he regularly uploads videos showcasing a wide variety of Barbecue Recipes.

In particular, I enjoy the fact that he uploads a good number of videos using vegetables off the grill. He is often my go-to when I need some advice on using the grill to produce platters of delicately smoked vegetables.

Click on the link below-showcasing tips on how to perfectly grill vegetables:-

They have 69 000 subscribers

Views count:15 504 024

Video Count:- 347 uploads


You Tube BBQ: DJ Barbecue:- Slow and Low with Southern Soul

DJ BBQ is Christian Stevenson. Based in the United Kingdom he concentrates on providing barbecue information entertainingly. He and his co-chef T Bones Chops laugh dance and fool around in their videos…. but the final food is no laughing matter.

They host many of his videos on Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube Channel.

DJ BBQ is an expert in barbecuing burgers. Check out his recipe for the ultimate cheeseburger grilled in the spectacular DJBBQ way! Click on the link below :

They have 178 000 subscribers

Views count:12544053

Video Count:- 267 uploads


You Tube BBQ: GrillGrate: Control and Flexibility on Grills!

GrillGrate is worth a click-through. They support and advertise their special GrillGrate for use on many barbecues. However, along with promoting the various ways that they use a GrillGrate, they post many videos that give recipes tips. Their videos cover the grilling of various foods using the grates.

They will show you how to grill, controlling flare-ups anything from Lean meat, Fish, Vegetables even pizza and pasta!

They upload about three videos a month.

One of their most popular YouTube videos is “Eight Ways to Grill Chicken. Here is a link to the 1st episode in this series

Episode one of Eight ways to grill chicken”

They have 3.99 K subscribers

Views count:2619471

Video Count:- 207 uploads


You Tube BBQ: BBQ Bros – Stoked on Smoke

Steven McElroy hosts this U tube channel. He spends a lot of his time testing new equipment and then using it to grill delicious food.

This U tube series stands out with its comprehensive reviews on new and old Barbecue Equipment. Steve tests Kamado Joe, Pellet, BBQ, it Barrels including Thermometers.

His instructions and use of the various grilling apparatus are clear and very well illustrated. He often reviews recently released equipment and then follows up with a grill using that actual equipment.

One of his popular grilling videos showing off the REC, TEC Stampede is for Blueberry BBQ Ribs. Click on the link below:-

 They have 57.1 K subscribers

Views count:11 343 324

Video Count:- 221 uploads



We are so lucky to live in the digital age where at a click of a button we can watch our Favorite YouTube Chef’s and apply that knowledge to our own backyard Barbecue‘s.



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