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Which Steak to Choose for your Barbecue?

It’s warm weather season in the states. If you need any further reason to get Outside and Barbecue!… then it’s to once again enjoy that flavor of the perfect smoke grilled meat. There are many meat cuts that can be enjoyed on the grill but any Pit Master will tell you that some meat cuts will give a better result than others.

Which steaks are the best to grill ? There are times when it is worth it to pay a little more to ensure a delicious smoky grilled “piece of heaven”!Have a look a few of the most popular below.

Best for the Grill

Any meat on the bone is the best for the grill. The bone helps the flesh to lock in moisture and texture. The prime cuts are Rib Eye, Strip, Tenderloin, Porterhouse, T Bone, Top Sirloin and Flat Iron.
Secondary cuts of meat such as Flank and the tail end of the rump are delicious. If you need to serve your guests with a minimum of delays, then these are useful as they are thin and cook quickly.

Rib Eye Steaks

Considered by many as the “King of Steaks” It is cut from muscle surrounding the rib. This cut has delicious tenderness but keeps its big beefy flavor when grilled. It has extensive marbling which renders down when grilled assisting with the flavor and tenderness. This is a steak favored by many well-known pitmasters. It is also known as Rib steak. Whether you grill with the bone in or out this cut is the ideal cut for the grill.

Beef Tenderloin

This is the tenderest cut of meat. The cut is from the beef short loin which is an area that is not used much by the animal. Unfortunately, it is not especially flavourful. As they have a lower fat content, they can be dry. However, with a little care and brushed with a tasty sauce whilst on the grill they are very enjoyable.

Strip Steak

This cut is often named New York Strip, Top Loin, and Kansas City Strip. The cut comes from the short end of the loin.
They are a close second in flavor and texture to a Rib Eye Steak. This cut is perhaps a little more flavourful at the expense of tenderness. If the bone is in, then it normally referred to as a Club Steak.

T Bone and Porterhouse steaks.

There is little difference between these two steaks. Both come from the short loin section of the beef. The Porterhouse from the back end of the loin which has a larger portion of the fillet. The t bone is cut from the front end and contains a smaller fillet. The porterhouse steak has more fillet on than the T bone.

Top Loin Steak

This is a good compromise between flavor and tenderness. It is taken from the Beef Sirloin Primal which runs from the lower back to the hip bone. It is less tender than short loin. It is a tougher drier cut so take care when grilling.

Flank and Skirt steaks

The skirt steak comes from the inside of the chest. It is thick grained and bound with connective tissue. They cut the flank steak from the belly area. Whilst not as tender as the cuts above they are extremely flavourful. They must be grilled fast on a hot grill for the best results. Remember to serve cut against the grain.

Flat Iron Steaks

This cut has become increasingly popular. It is an economical but tasty way to serve steak on the grill. They cut it from the shoulder area. It is important to make sure that your butcher presents this steak with the large sinew cut out. Grill Flat Iron steaks over a hot grill and served medium with a slightly pink inside.

Whichever cut of meat you enjoy on your barbecue remember to:

  • Allow the meat to reach room temperature once removed from the fridge. Usually around 30 mins.
  • Sear your steaks quickly over a hot grill. If you are using charcoal in your barbecue create two zones. One hot section for searing and then one medium heat zone for grilling.
  • Don’t use a fork to turn the steaks rather use tongs. If you pierce the steak, the juices will run out.
  • Try not to flip your steak too often after the initial sear.
  • Don’t wander off or get distracted fixing drinks. Give the steak the close attention it deserves!

Enjoy your grilled steaks throughout this upcoming barbecue season!

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