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Well Greased – Which Oil Should it Be? 

Oil is not the same oil, especially not when grilling. Because not every oil is suitable for high temperatures. Those who resort to the wrong kind, risk that carcinogenic substances are released. 

Oils with polyunsaturated fatty acids are very sensitive to heat and should not be used for Barbecue’s because they oxidize quickly and then form carcinogenic substances. Olive oil and grapeseed oil contain predominantly monounsaturated fatty acids and therefore tolerate high grilling temperatures. They are well suited for short-grilled foods such as shrimp, fish or vegetables. But at long-lasting high temperatures they also form harmful compounds. 


“How to” that nothing sticks
Before grilling, lightly coat the grill grid or aluminum foil or grill bowl with rapeseed oil so that the food does not stick to it. It is important that you use only as little as necessary, so that superfluous oil does not drip into the heated charcoal fire. 

Popular choice: peanut oil 

Highly heatable is the peanut oil – and especially popular with Asian dishes. Such highly heatable oils are ideal as an ingredient for marinades. For example, you can put chicken thighs in a marinade of sesame, honey, balsamic vinegar and peanut oil. If possible, marinades should not contain any salt, as this will deprive the grilled foods of their liquid. 


Insider tip: grape seed oil 

An insider tip from top chefs for the barbecue is grapeseed oil. Of course, grape seed oil is culinary at its best and contains, among other things, the highly effective procyanidin. This substance should be a strong weapon against the so-called free radicals. Grapeseed oil is still temperature-stable even if other oils have long since begun to smoke. 

Other types of oil 

Conditionally suitable for grilling: 

  • Sunflower oil 
  • Corn oil 


Not suitable: 

  • safflower oil 
  • pumpkin oil 
  • linseed oil 


By: Christian Lutz


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