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Vegetarian Barbecue – Where Fruits & Vegetables Play the Lead Role

Only side dishes to eat at the Barbecue? Vegetarians often have no other choice. There are many ways to grill vegetables, as a skewer with cheese or tofu for example. And sweets can be barbecued as well.

What to put on and how to prepare
Eggplants, zucchini, peppers or fennel, mushrooms, tomatoes: Vegetable grilled food is available in abundance. Important when grilling vegetables is that you always spread it with some oil.
It is even better to put the vegetables in marinade for some time: either Mediterranean with olive oil, salt, pepper, sage, rosemary or Asian, mixing oil with soy sauce, chopped chili, honey and wasabi — the green Japanese horseradish paste. On the charcoal grill you put the vegetables in aluminum dishes, so that nothing drips into the fire, on the electric grill it is allowed directly on the grid.

Cheese or tofu: enrichment for the spit
Vegetable skewers can be enriched, for example, with mild cheese or with cubes of tofu, which are available in organic markets. Also, smoked tofu or haloumi make a good vegetable. Another recommendation for the barbecue: Tomatoes filled with herb quark or pointed peppers, which have rice and vegetables in their inside.

For dessert: fruit from the grill
A fine BBQ dessert is grilled slices of pineapple, but you have to brush them with butter. Add whipped cream to it, the desert is done. Many children also love a barbecue banana — with the skin on straight on the grid or peeled in aluminum foil. A little vanilla sugar over it refines the whole thing. Of course, any kind of cream also fits in well with it.

Why not try a grilled ice-cream bomb
And if you want to grill an ice cream: no problem! For a “bomb surprise” in the basic version, you only need a few ready baked tartlets, vanilla ice cream and egg whites. On each tartlet give a decent scoop of ice cream and wrap the ice cream completely with egg whites — for the isolation. Put on to the grill, preferably a kettle grill, until the egg whites turn brownish. Serve immediately. Your guests will be amazed! Of course, the “bomb” can be creatively refined and expanded, for example with liqueur, fruit, or together with grilled peach halves.

By: Christian Lutz


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