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Summer is here and with this, there are opportunities to Barbecue for any reason! There are many Barbecue Gadgets you can invest in.

The dictionary definition of a gadget is a small mechanical or electronic device or tool, especially an ingenious or novel one.

However, not all of them are as useful as advertised. Many are just indeed novel but really don’t replace the old-fashioned styles and products. Here is a list of unusual gadgets available to the Grill Master and Outdoor Cook. Some may be practical and others just downright weird but they are all interesting.


The Grillbot

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The Grill Bot


This is an automatic grill cleaning robot. All you need to do is push a button and the robot will clean your grill. Made from high heat resistant plastic, use it on grills 250 degrees F and below.

It has a built-in LCD alarm and a timer. This lets you set the robot to clean for between ten and thirty minutes. The brushes remove easily and its even dishwasher safe.

Beersicle Stick

, Free Cooking and BBQ Magazine, Free Cooking and BBQ Magazine

This is an important gadget as it ensures that your beer will remain cool whilst you take on that important grilling session!

The frozen Beersicle inserts into the beer bottle. It keeps the beer cool but doesn’t water it down at all.

Stainless Steel Meatball Griller Basket

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Meatball Griller Basket

Who doesn’t love a meatball? In particular, those that have the smoke grilled barbecue flavor. However, grilling a meatball and trying to maintain that round shape isn’t easy. The meatball grilling basket solves this problem. It holds 12 meatballs. The high dry heat off the barbecue sears the meat, crisps the crust and allows excess fat to drip off.

Hot Dog Roller Grill Pan 

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Next time you want to barbecue hot dog sausages bring out the hot dog roller. It’s made from stainless steel. It will keep the “dogs” off the grill grate and prevent any flame charring. They will still have that grilled taste.

Crème Brûlée Maker

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If you haven’t thought of using your grill to finish Crème Brulé here’s an interesting gadget. Simply heat the cast iron salamander directly on the grill or coals. Lower onto the sugar-covered custard to caramelize the sugar. This will form the hard sugary crust.( or you could just use a small kitchen blow torch !)

Half Moon Grill and Smoker Griddles

So, you got that smoke on and now you just need a quick seer. Fire up the gaser for 2 seconds? No, just plop on an Instant Griddle for a quick sear. They are all the rage. Just pick your size.

Plastic Meat Skewer Machine

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This little machine will cut your meat and vegetables into skewer size pieces. Then just insert the skewers in the required slot. Open the box and takeout the perfect-sized filled skewers!

S’ more to Love Smores Maker Grill Basket

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Smores Grill Basket

This is a gadget which allows you to make fast, delicious s’mores on your grill. Stack the marshmallow, chocolate and graham crackers into the maker. Lock in place and place over your grill. Delicious sweet way to end a barbecue.

iGrill Bluetooth Cooking Thermometer Kit

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If your main thing when barbecuing is to interact socially with friends then this is the gadget for you.  The iGrill probe inserts into the meat. This connects to a heat resistant cable attached to the iGrill unit. On reaching the perfect temperature it sends a notification to your smartphone to let you know that your dinner is ready. Useful but seems to take the fun out of barbecuing.

Mystical Fire

Fire color Enhancing kit

Mystical Magic Fire


Finally, when you have finished barbecuing, throw a pack of mystical fire powder on the remaining fire. This will make the flames turn electric blue, red green, and turquoise. It gives quite a visual display. If you throw three packs onto the fire, then the colored flames should last at least an hour. It’s magical. Read More…Changing Color of Fire Naturally

Its not for certain that any of the above Gadgets will make your Barbecuing easier. However, they are sure to create a lot of interest and hopefully assist with your Grilling.Try some out at your next backyard get together.

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