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Themed Barbecue Parties

Summer is officially here. Warm evenings, longer days, more outdoor time. Plan your next summer Barbeque party. There are a few simple ideas for decorating your backyard that will help your guests relax whilst the grilling is on the go.

People enjoy being outside at a Barbeque. Creating a theme can be fun and it usually lifts your guest’s spirits and creates an icebreaker.

Gingham/Farmyard theme

This is a simple budget-friendly theme that fits right into any backyard.

Layer your tables with gingham tablecloths.

Introduce a Farm to Table theme with centerpieces of pumpkins/citrus fruits or wildflowers.

Place a few small mason jars with preserves as guest treats on the table or use the mason jars as your drinking cups. Just insert straws..

Clean and paint some empty cans in rustic colors to store the cutlery.

Decorate the area around tables with a few carefully placed wicker baskets. Fill with citrus fruits

Go all out and scatter a few hay bales for that real authentic farm feel.

Decorative theme lighting is a must for whatever theme you choose. It helps set a mood and gives that instant party feels. This is a budget-friendly lighting decoration that will fit right in your “farmyard” theme. Use red solo cups. Cut an X through the bottom. Pull the small bulbs from a string of lights through the hole.

Of course, don’t forget your Barbecue menu. Serve up pulled pork or brisket straight from your grill.

Beach Party?



This may seem a strange theme for a backyard party but mix bright blue and turquoise colors for effect.

Use blue or turquoise tablecloths to set your table. If possible follow this color theme through to paper serviettes.

Decorate the tables with shells, starfish, pieces of driftwood.

Place blue tinted drinking glasses on your table for guests.

Drape a few old fishing nets strung with lights for a special feel.

Umbrellas:- Place a few colorful beach umbrellas around your backyard. Consider “thatching” the umbrellas.


Why not use a Luau theme for your beach party. Serve up the food on clean banana leaves.

Buy a few small children’s plastic buckets and serve snacks like peanuts crisps etc from them.


Elegant Outdoor Theme

( Photo credit newfeature.cdl)

With, a little effort it is possible to transform a small backyard party into an elegant setting. Perfect for hosting a small wedding party or a fairytale birthday party.

Firstly, think Lights, lights and more lights! String fairy lights in a tree along with tables and around the barbecue grill.

Once you have chosen the color theme, then accessorize the tablecloths, napkins accordingly. As this is possibly a more formal party use placemats for your guests in your chosen color. Set cutlery at each place.

Candles are another essential for creating that elegant feel. Place a line of candles along your table for a dramatic effect. Don’t worry if it is a little windy. Either place the candles in protective flask candle holders or consider buying some battery operated matchless candles.

Line any pathways with pillar candles. Suggest that matchless pillar candles. These will not blow out if a breeze picks up.

This is a backyard party that requires real glassware.

Use small elegant flower arrangements on your tables and if you have a serving table, then display flowers here too. Consider placing greenery overhead. This will give an intimate dreamy atmosphere. Create this with light plants like pampas grass.

It will depend on your occasion what food you will prepare on your grill. In keeping with the overall theme make sure that it is served elegantly on platters or bowls.

Kids can come too!

If your Barbeque party includes kids then consider a few extras which will keep them happy.

Kids all enjoy a small paddle pool. Decorate the pool to become a part of your overall theme. If it’s a farm party, then create a small farmyard around the pool with sand and a few plastic farm animals. Kids will love climbing over any hay bales. Place a few floating blow-up characters in the pool. i.e. blow up fish, octopus for a beach party.

Give the kids their own lemonade stand!

Kids love balloons. These will add color and fun to any theme.

Consider placing a small tent in a corner in which the kids can play and entertain themselves.

If you have kids attending your Barbeque, it’s worth ensuring that there are a few kid-friendly food items. Cook hot dogs on your grill or mini hamburgers. Perfect for little fingers.

Set up a Fire Pit

If you decide that you want to continue your party after the sun goes down or if it will be a chilly evening, then create a fire pit. If you don’t have one don’t worry you can create a simple one with a few cement bricks placed in a circle.

Have a supply of s’mores available to cook whilst sitting around your fire pit later.

These are just a few ideas for themed outdoor parties. Even if you are just hosting a few friends this summer make your barbecue event a party to remember.

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