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The Social Aspect of Barbecue

The Social Aspect of Barbecue Free Cooking and BBQ Magazine

For many of us, the obsession of Barbecue begins at an early age. Usually it starts from a Family or Friends BBQ Party. That first tast of the grizzle on a steak, the sear on that burger or the grill marks on that dog.

The Social Aspect of Barbecue Free Cooking and BBQ Magazine


The Social Aspect of Barbecue

If we are lucky enough, we can learn from that Family member. Watching, testing and tasting until that first day you get your own Gas Grill.

Once you get bitten by the bug, you may find that you’re looking for that Smokey flavor. Maybe it was your first jerky or smoked sausage. Well, whatever it was, join the group!

For some of us Barbecue – aholics, we take it to the next level. Writing and sharing our Recipes and Cooks with others. Maybe we’ve joined a Forum or started our own Blog.

This is exactly what we did. And we put the call out for other Grillmaster’s and Pitmaster’s to join us.

This is how we have so many Articles.

The Social Aspect of Barbecue Free Cooking and BBQ Magazine

Our latest Featured Writer is Barbara Smith. She is a Foodie and Writer based outside Cape Town in South Africa. She comes from a Barbecue obsessed family. With the great weather they have in Cape Town ( most of the year) they enjoy Cooking Outside in their Backyard as often as possible. South African’s love to “Braai” everything!

She has three Barbecues at home – One built-in inside, one outside and another a mobile Kettle Barbecue.

She – like us – enjoys the Social Aspect of Barbecue. Getting family together to enjoy all types of Food cooked outdoors. Tasting, testing and writing about it.
“The trick to continuing to enjoy Barbecuing is loving the old favorites but experimenting with new foods and methods often.” says Barbara.

As adults, we love gathering friends and family together for a good old fashioned Barbecue. There’s plenty of space outdoors, less mess and it’s easy to do. Pick up a bottle of wine and set the lights up for nighttime and you have a party that will last from daytime to nighttime.

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