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The Asian Market Sparkles

By Michelle K.

The Asian Market Sparkles

Hard Decisions

The Asian Market sparkles at me when I walk by. And my stomach grumbles. What to make?
I make a really good Asian soup called Phoa. It is thinly sliced pork or/and beef, noodles, little veggies and broth. My husband gets it all the time when we go out to eat at Asian restaurants.
This is one of his favorite dishes and therefore I decided to learn how to make it at home. I tried the recipe once and he said that it was pretty good. What, pretty good? Well, that was just not good enough for me. Time to do some tweaking of the ingredients.

Asian Cuisine

Asian Cooking is not always easy to do. A little practice goes a long way.

I took my Asian grilling sauce and used it on the pork and beef and grilled the meat. I used beef stock mixed with chicken broth for the liquid component, leaving out the fish sauce. Added bean sprouts, shredded carrots and a pinch of salt and pepper. Fresh cut onions, limes, cilantro, jalapeno, garlic, scallions and mint. Finally, I put all the ingredients in his special bowl and added the broth.

And as a result, he was in heaven. He told me that this time, it was better and wanted to know what I did differently. I told him that I Grilled the meat and tweaked the ingredients. He told me to make it this way all the time! What Umami!

You can feel that the unique flavour came from the seasoned grilled meat and the broth combination. I did not have to use large amounts of ingredients. I thinly shaved the meat, making a large portion. Using expensive broth or stock wasn’t needed due to the vegetables and herbs. This dish costs under $25 and can feed about 10-12 people, so I tend to make it a lot!

I have ventured into Asian cuisine these days but incorporate grilled food from the grill – gas or coal. It doesn’t matter which I use. I have made Asian noodle salad also. Using the same ingredients but changed out the broth for lettuce. My next new dish will be the Vietnamese pork sandwich called Bahn Mi. I just want to have the right bread. Hmm, maybe I should make my own? I do have a bread maker… I will have to think about it. What do you think?

If you are just starting out with Asian Flavors, there are simple and easy Recipe Sites to check out, like where you can learn to Make Simple Meals in less than 15 minutes.

There are many Store Bought Asian Products that Create Instant Umami…Therefore you should try:

Tsang House of Soy Ginger Flavor – This brewed soy sauce features crisp ginger flavour and enhances just about any Asian dish.

Better than Bouillion A granular paste containing roasted chicken combined with other flavouring materials. It conforms to all USDA requirements for the chicken base and contains minimally processed ingredients. They also carry reduced sodium versions.

Asian Fried Garlic or Onion Fried in low-fat oils and tasty as a topping. Almost tastes like fried Asian noodles, but tastier. Delicious!

Kadoya 100% Sesame Oil – Made from carefully selected sesame seeds. They roast and press them carefully producing its special rich aroma and added health benefits. A little goes a long way!

True Citrus Seasonings These are ideal for Asian Food. Salt-free. They’re 100% Natural, 100% Delicious and 100% Convenient. No Preservatives, No Gluten, No MSG, No Glutamic Acid & No Colors. Use for sauces, marinades dressing, meats, fish, poultry, vegetables, pasta, rice & side dishes. Use True Citrus in baking, seafood, beverages or any time you’re in need of fresh Citrus. Long lasting.

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If you have a Local Asian Market in your Area, by all means – Wander In. It’s a whole new world and your local vendor will be glad to help you plan a budget-friendly meal.

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chī hǎo hē hǎo” 吃好喝好
(eat well and drink well)

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