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The American Royal Weekend, Kansas City, MO

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As we march closer to the dark, dreary days of Winter, we are beginning to see the last vestiges of warmer times. The crispness in the air is growing more and more abundant, the pumpkin flavor begins tightening its annual grip on the Food Industry and the Backyard Cookout is giving way to the parking lot Tailgate. In my humble opinion, this brief window of time before our Grilling goes into hibernation is the best and most enjoyable cooking months of the year.  

The American Royal Weekend, Kansas City, MO

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I see Barbecue as an art form, as well as, a science.

Of all the ways to cook, I feel like BBQ lends itself most to experimentation and tinkering with flavors and techniques. From Smoking to Marinades to using gas or charcoal, the ways to cook are diverse and can unlock a whole array of various flavors.  

During my time living in Kansas City, arguably the home of BBQ, I always enjoyed going to the American Royal and see all the new things people were doing to enhance flavors and make a more enjoyable experience for those partaking in their food.  

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The event is something of a muse for those who are culinary enthusiasts. My friends and I would try to recreate what we saw there at weekend BBQs, typically not with the success we were hoping for when we hatched our replicating plan. 

Grilling in general is a great social activity. Gather with friends and family and cook up some tasty food while enjoying a few brew dogs. Some of my fondest memories come from grilling with the family or with friends before a big football game. It’s a communal experience and this is the best time of year to enjoy it.  

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By: Andrew Nobles

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