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Proper Smoking Without a Proper Smoker

Proper Smoking Without a Proper Smoker

Nothing is quite as mouthwatering as the smell of a meal on the smoker. The extra time spent smoking versus grilling is well worth while. You may be asking, what if I do not have a proper smoker? No problem. A smoky meal is obtainable from a gas or charcoal grill as well. You may […]

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Fabulous Fire Pits: How To

As the Autumn Season unfolds and the temperatures drop in the evening, it is time to consider installing a fire pit in your backyard. It is a surefire way to extend your Barbecue parties into the evenings, creating a focal point for socializing. Advantages of Installing a Firepit A well designed Fire Pit creates an […]

Use your Shovel to Cook on the Coals

Use your Shovel to Cook on the Coals

Not long after I started work ( oh so many years ago !) I was invited to year-end Barbecue held by a local contractor. I was told that I was very lucky to be invited. Invitations were sought after, as the owner was famous for his beef tenderloin cooked over a pit fire on a […]

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