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Tablescape Planning and Ideas

So you have that big party or get together coming up & you want everything to be perfect! Whether it is a formal event or a casual get together, we have some planning ideas and tips for you. Read on:

Every season has its own character and feel. Instead of going with the old Dixie Plastic Cups and Paper Plates for your next Outdoor BBQ, why not jazz it up and show your Hosting skills with all the details from the Food to the Plates?


Sure, paper products come out with Seasonal Patterns that can help lift the mood and theme of your gathering. You can also get Season Kits in our Amazon Store for all Seasons and Occasions. See BBQ Party Kits On Sale 

You will find that BBQ Themed Party Supplies are usually much cheaper in the Winter months, so stock up now!

Disposable Dinnerware


There are three main things to keep in mind when planning your Outdoor Party themed layout:





Occasion: So, you can either go with the flow (Spring – pastel or floral, Summer – colorful, Fall – jewel tones or Winter – earthy or neutral) or change it up according to your favorite theme (country, mardi gras, western cowboy, rainbow, flashy, glittering, floral, elegant, woodsy, etc.) or occasion (birthday, anniversary, etc.)

Western Themed Dinnerware

Research: Search for images of your Theme on Google or Pinterest. This may help you decide what you want, things you may need or supplies you already have on hand that can tie into your theme.

In our research, we have found the Trend happening across the US has become more Environmentally friendly. People are moving away from paper and plastic products, so if you have your own dishes / place settings, use them. And let your dishwasher do the work! And, don’t forget to ditch the plastic straws and get some Pasta Straws, you’ll be the

Trendsetter on your Block! Shop Pasta Straws

Ditch the plastic and use a pasta straw!


Floral Dinnerware

Take Stock: You probably already have your own dishes (dinnerware) at home, so there is no need to re-invent the wheel. Work with what you have. Accessorize with household decorations or outdoor seasonal foliage. Do not be afraid to mix and match.

Set your Budget: After researching and conceptualizing, now you can set your budget and make your shopping list.



Change it up. You think you may have the perfect layout. You’ve used it before and it works. Well, try it again a different way. Nobody wants the same old, same old. Move it all around until you find a layout that looks good and works.

Add details and accessories from around the house. There is no need to spend more than you have too.

Make some name place tags or have the kids make a take away gift.

Set up the night before and take pictures. It will help with the visuals and allow you time for last minute changes. You could also keep a journal of layouts, along with your recipes.

Rustic Dinnerware

Keep your lunch or dinner menu as simple as your table scape. It is a party after all, and you want to have time to spend with your Guests.

Mix and Match Trend

Grab some inspirational recipes for Indoor or Outdoor Cooks from Pitmaster & Cook.

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