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So you wanna be a better Cook?

So you want to be a better Cook, become a Barbecue Grillmaster? Perhaps you already mastered the Grill? Now you want to become a BBQ Pitmaster?

To become a Pitmaster with high regard, it takes lots of experimenting and a commitment.

A BBQ Pitmaster is someone who has not only mastered the art of creating a great tasty steak on BBQ, but is capable of using any pit or grill to do so. A good barbecue expert takes on any aspect of cooking outdoors and makes it seem effortless. He or she is able to instruct others in the same technique; from preparing the pit, to the fuel, woods, charcoal, the rub, marinades, sauces, the appropriate temperature, prep techniques, etc and brings them all together to make a great tasty barbecue meal.

The major defining trait of a barbecue expert is consistency, and if you are not consistent in producing the desired results, then you are not an expert yet.

Generally, this takes a lot of time and effort, a lot of love and passion for the sport. Especially the love of being outdoors. Getting that waft of smoky air, following the wind so you know when to close your vents or stoke your open fire.

For many of us, it’s not just a summer method of cooking or pastime. It’s a way of life. Autumn, Winter, Spring.

Day or night or 2 days straight. Camping out. Popping a squat around the firepit. Spending as much time Outdoors in our green space as we can.

We’re serious about what we’re doing, because nothing compares to the flavors, umami and taste that comes from live fire, charcoal, wood and seasoning mixes that are handled by someone with know how.

And, if your partnered up with someone who also likes to cook and entertain, you can bring the party indoors or out with all our latest Tips. So…

Get started by experimenting with your family. Visit our store. Share your favorite BBQ Joints or BBQ Pitmaster’s! Follow along and see what other Pitmaster’s are up to and don’t forget to Subscribe and Leave Comments! We love to get Pinned too!



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