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Best Seasoning

Best Seasoning

The Famous Dave Seasoning

When it comes to seasoning I like using the Famous Dave’s Rib Rub seasoning or Chicken Seasoning as a base when smoking ribs or big pieces of meat. For my seasoning, I usually have one-third of the rub (Famous Dave’s) and then add pepper, garlic powder and onion powder making about a half of a cup or enough for the meat I am cooking. It creates a real balanced flavor. Not too salty with a hint of sweet. I don’t put the rub on and massage it in, I just sprinkle it. It seems to work just as good as the massage method. I have found that I can’t find the Rib Rub seasoning in the grocery store all the time, but can find it in stores like Menards, Home Depot or even Mill’s Fleet farm, in the outdoor grilling area. When I see it, I tend to get a lot of it.

And what about Budgeting?

I go to the store almost every day. I have a list of ingredients and a roundabout figure on how much they cost. If I have a big piece of meat and the right sides I can do it for about $30-$40 dollars. What I make is enough for about 21 people every dinner. I just don’t know how to make less. Whoever comes over when I cook is happy and whoever isn’t, comes over immediately the next day, especially once they find out what I made.


When I break it down, it is about $1.90 per person. Not bad to fill everyone up. My only problem is keeping up with all my Tupperware. And as a result, I made a new house rule. My kids have to bring their own Tupperware if they want food to go or they have to sit down and eat. This year I purchased 200 to go cartons. The kind you get at a restaurant to put what food is left on your plate. The containers have 3 sections so the food does not mix. This works better, I’m never turning back.

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