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Reinventing Barbecue Leftovers: 40+ Ways to Use Up BBQ

BBQ Barbecue’s are such great fun. Not only can you get large or small groups of friends and family together. But cooking for a large crown can be easy. With a little prep and pre-planning.

But now your Barbecue is over and you’re stuck with tons of leftovers?  What should you do with all that food before it goes bad?

While you might feel stressed out at the thought of having to eat everything in a short amount of time, you don’t need to worry about boring meals.  Here are over 40 ways to reinvent your leftovers and create delicious new meals.

First sort out your menu for the week. Then prepare your freezer bags- –  making sure to mark each item with a description and package date. Use perishable items first (like shrimp and seafood) – store in fridge. Freeze pork, beef or lamb, along with grilled veggies. If properly sealed (all air out), these foods can last for months in the freezer.

Let’s get Started:


  • Thinly slice some leftover steak and add it to a salad of romaine
  • Shred up some chicken, add buffalo hot sauce and toss it on a bed of greens
  • Season leftover burgers and make a quick taco salad with tomatoes, black olives, and cheese


  • Grab some flour tortillas and fill it with a mix-and-match of leftovers
  • Add in leftover pasta or potato salad for some creaminess and texture


  • Grab a box of hamburger helper and crumble up leftover burgers in it
  • Chop up some hot dogs and add them to spaghetti for a kid-friendly meal
  • Add some protein to macaroni and cheese by adding any leftover meats
  • Have an Italian night and make lasagna with leftover brisket or pork
  • Brisket stroganoff is a delicious way to use up leftovers for a creamy, pasta dinner

Stir-Fry and Rice

  • Take day-old grilled veggies, add chicken, douse it in a sauce, and add rice
  • Grab a can of beans, make some rice, then add in your meats for an easy dinner
  • Slice up leftover pork chops and add it to stir fry veggies with a simple Asian-inspired sauce of soy sauce, ginger, and honey
  • Dice up some meat and add it to leftover rice with some frozen veggies and an egg for a quick fried rice


  • Toss any leftover meat in your slow-cooker to make a hearty stew
  • Make chili with crumbled up leftover hamburgers
  • Thinly slice some pork and add it to a bowl of Ramen noodles then liven it up with some bok choy, radishes, bean sprouts, and a soft-boiled egg on top
  • Day-old chicken can be reheated and added to a cup of noodles for a spin on chicken noodle soup


  • Shred up some BBQ chicken and make a chicken and rice casserole with corn, black beans, and plenty of cheddar on top
  • Use up shredded pork by adding it to a loaded baked potato casserole and garnish with bacon and chives
  • If you baked cornbread as a BBQ side, make a quick chicken casserole and top it with leftover cornbread crumbles
  • Grab that pulled pork and make a Shepherd’s Pie topped with mashed potatoes

Eggs & Breakfast

  • Bake a quiche and mix in brisket, pork, or even grilled vegetables like asparagus
  • Make an omelet and add some shredded meats for extra protein
  • Cube some meats and add them to your breakfast scrambled eggs
  • Heat up some potatoes, add in meat, and make a breakfast hash by adding in bell pepper, onion, and garlic


  • Go Cuban with leftover pork, ham, mustard, Swiss cheese, and pickles
  • Use up those ribs by making a homemade McRib sandwich
  • Put some leftover brisket on your grilled cheese
  • Make BBQ pulled pork and brighten it up with a fresh slaw
  • Add spices like lemongrass and some pickled vegetables for a quick Vietnamese banh mi sandwich
  • Chop up leftover chicken breasts with creamy mayo for chicken salad and garnish with celery and scallions


  • Chop up your meats and add them to a cheesy quesadilla
  • Stuff your homemade arepas with a mixture of meat and sauce
  • Get some polenta and fill tamales with a mixture of various meats and veggies
  • Grind up leftover hamburgers, add taco seasoning, and then add in lettuce, tomatoes, and onions for Taco Tuesday


  • Use BBQ sauce instead of tomato paste and add chicken on top with some red onions, jalapenos, and a healthy dose of mozzarella
  • Make a Hawaiian-inspired pizza by using up leftover pork and adding pineapples
  • You can also thinly slice hot dogs and put them on any pizza instead of, or in addition to, pepperoni


  • Shred up some brisket, pork or chicken and add it to tortilla chips, fritos, leftover chips, etc then add cheese, onions, and a dollop of sour cream on top for the perfect snack. Kids love this!

Spring Rolls

  • Got leftover shrimp skewers? Put them inside rice paper with fresh veggies and a squeeze of lime


  • Upgrade your avocado toast by adding some protein on top
  • Make a breakfast brisket toast by shredding some leftovers and top it with a fried egg

Hot Dogs

  • Make a quick cornmeal batter to roll leftover dogs in and then fry for corn dogs
  • Slice up hot dots and add them into baked beans for a dinner side dish

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