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Proper Smoking Without a Proper Smoker

Nothing is quite as mouthwatering as the smell of a meal on the smoker. The extra time spent smoking versus grilling is well worth while. You may be asking, what if I do not have a proper smoker? No problem.

A smoky meal is obtainable from a gas or charcoal grill as well. You may also be thinking, I do not have all day. No problem.

It is possible to obtain a smoky flavor by indirect grilling for only a few hours – of course depending on your choice of meat, etc.

Proper Smoking Without a Proper Smoker

Indirect heat. The key to a slow smoky flavor is to make sure that your meat is cooking slowly. To do this on a charcoal grill, place all hot charcoals on one side of the grill with your wood chips and the meat on the far opposite end.


To do this on a gas grill, only light 1-2 burners on one side and the meat on the far opposite side. Charcoal grills come equipped with these vents to allow you to easily regulate the temperature to give you complete control over your cooking timeline. Slow cooking is key to retain moisture and tenderness in meat.

Allowing the smoke to filter over meat before the heat exits the grill from the vents. The key to creating the smoky flavor is to open the grill air filter or vents on the side above the meat, away from the wood chips and fire. By doing this, the smoke from the wood chips will filtrate to the opposite side, slowly cooking and smoking your meat prior to exiting the grill. This creates a wave of smoke from the left to the right slowly.

Shortened smoking time. It is possible to smoke meat with a shorter time frame than the typical 6-8 hour window. By increasing the heat slightly and checking the internal temperature of your meat before removing from grill still provides you with that smoky delicious flavor.

Slow cooking is the key to tenderizing any less expensive cut of meat and letting flavors develop into the mouthwatering flavorful meal to feed to friends and family.

To get a nice sear and grill marks, just move your meat to the hot side of the grill before serving. This method is called reverse searing

By: Rebecca Hughes


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