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For Foodies by Foodies: Naturally Shamrock Shaped Foods Garnish

Naturally Shamrock Shaped Foods Garnish

One of the best parts about our little Blogging Hobby is scouring Social Media for NEW Food Trends and Ideas. There are Writers, then there are creative Food Designers.

Here are some Great Articles we found for the Upcoming Holiday of St. Paddy’s day. Naturally Shamrock Shaped Foods! Ditch the cookie cutter and green dies and see these quick and easy shamrock garnish ideas…

Traditionally, the Irish would cook pork, with cabbage and potatoes. Nowadays, come St. Patrick’s Day – everyone is a little Irish. American’s love having fun. From Green Beer, to Tall Green Hats, Green Bagels, Green Eggs and Ham, to Shamrock everything….

What is a Shamrock? It’s basically a three leaf Clover. It is a young sprig, used as a symbol of Ireland. Saint Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint, is said to have used it as a metaphor for the Christian Holy Trinity. The name shamrock comes from Irish seamróg, which is the diminutive of the Irish word seamair óg and simply means “young clover”.

The three-leaf clover is also associated with good luck as it is believed to be a symbol for the Holy Trinity. By wearing a three- or a four-leaf clover, good luck is brought to the bearer

It’s easy to create Shamrock Recipes. You could invest in some Green Food Coloring or Shaped Cookie Cutters, but these ideas are easier that that, using items from your Pantry! Just use a little ingenuity!

Naturally Shamrock Shaped Foods

Shamrock Cucumbers

A few cucumbers, some cilantro and a little green pepper makes the perfect garnish for this Recipe. Get the full recipe here:

Green Pepper Shamrocks

Green peppers cut just the right way, look exactly like a Shamrock. Garnish your dinner tonight or see this Tostada Recipe:

Shamrock Pizza

Create your favorite Pizza Recipe and Garnish with Lettuce. Check out the various shapes at your local Market and pick one out. Reference:

Shamrock Tortellini

Naturally shaped Tortellini, arranged just right – with pesto and broccoli cuts make a simple meal fun and delicious! Why wait until St. Paddy’s Day? Put a lucky dish out for dinner tonight:

Shamrock Pretzels

A few pretzels and some candy molded the right way and viola! Fun to do with your kids. get the Recipe at:

Short on time and run out of ideas? Simply tap into Pinterest, pick your favorite dessert recipe, plop in some green candy, tie em up with a bow and you’re good to go. Give us a follow while you’re there and don’t forget to Share with a friend! we appreciate your Support! 

Find more Shamrock Shaped Recipes HERE:



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