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Natural Ingredient Fire Color Changer

In fact, the “natural” color of fire that we’re used to seeing (oranges and yellows) is that way because of certain salts that are present. Change the chemicals that are burning, and you can change the color of the flames.

Natural Ingredient Fire Color Changer

Campfire color-change cheat sheet:

Green – Boric acid is probably your best source of “green”. Boric acid most commonly is sold as a disinfectant in the pharmacy section of a store. Copper sulfate is another metal salt that produces green fire. You can find copper sulfate, usually diluted in liquid form, in products used to control algae in pools or ponds.

White – Magnesium compounds can lighten a flame color to white. You can add Epsom salts, which are used for a variety of household purposes. I usually see Epsom salts sold in the pharmacy section of stores for use as a bath soak, but the salts commonly contain sodium impurities, which will produce a yellow flame.
Yellow – Your usual fire will be yellow already, but if you are burning a fuel that produces a blue flame, for example, you can turn it from green to yellow by adding sodium salt, such as common iodized table salt.
Orange – Calcium chloride produces orange fire. Calcium chloride is sold as a desiccant and as a road de-icing agent. Just be sure the calcium chloride isn’t mixed with sodium chloride or else the yellow from the sodium will overpower the orange from the calcium.
Red – Strontium salts produce red colored fire. The easiest way to get strontium is to break open a red emergency flare, which you can find in the automotive section of stores. Road flares contain their own fuel and oxidizer, so this material burned vigorously and very brightly. Lithium produces a beautiful red flame, too. You can get lithium from certain lithium batteries.
Purple – Purple or violet flames may be produced by adding potassium chloride to the fire. Potassium chloride is sold as lite salt or salt substitute in the spice section of the grocery store.
Blue – You can get blue fire from copper chloride. You can produce it by dissolving copper wire in muriatic acid (sold in building supply stores).

Even though you are working with salts, you may not want to deal with chances of chemicals in your fire. And you certainly want to teach children the dangers of fire. Perhaps, you can start out with a Magical Flames Kit  or Mystical Fire Kit (available from Amazon). Then work your way up to Fireworks and Pyromania (lol).

Please have a fire extinguisher handy!



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