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Make your BBQ a Healthy One 

Did you know that using a grill is actually one of the healthiest methods to prepare your foods? You finish the cooking in a short time, so many nutrients are still in your food and it uses little oil as well. However, as with many things, you may have a lack of knowledge or may make some mistakes along the way. So, we’d like to give you a guideline for your next delicious and healthy BBQ.  

Thin slices
Prefer thin slices of your grillables: they cook faster, so are not exposed to the smoke for so long and do not turn black soon. If black crusts occur: cut off – do not eat. 


Grill temperature
The right grill temperature is reached when the charcoal has a white glow – this can take up to half an hour after the lighting of the fire. Only then put your food on the grill. 


Spice up
If you want to be sure that no oil drips from the meat to the coal, you should only season with salt and pepper. In any case, drain marinated pieces of meat well in advance. Spices and herbs burn in the heat! In any case, add it after grilling. 

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Burning coal
If the coal begins to burn as fat drips in: remove the grillage from the fire or hang it higher. Never extinguish with beer or other liquids. This produces more than ever amounts of steam and smoke – which can precipitate on the meat. 


Grill pans
Use grill pans, preferably reusable pans, made of stainless steel, not aluminum. Advantage of the grill pan: If the meat is in the pan, the fat can not drip into the fire, but is collected. In addition, the pans keep the smoke off. Alternatively, you can grill the food indirectly. 


Why not aluminum?
Prolonged contact with meat, especially when marinated, may cause aluminum particles to dissipate and spread over the food. Therefore, prefer to use stainless steel pans or barbecue indirectly. Remaining meat should also not to be packed in aluminum foil – rather put it in plastic boxes when it is cooled down. 


“White” sausages
Grill only white sausages and uncooked sausages. Cured meat can release carcinogenic substances when grilling. If in doubt, ask your butcher if the sausage you are buying is suitable for barbecuing. 


Go vegetarian!
It does not always have to be meat. Why not try vegetables? Put together your own individual vegetable skewer. Tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, olives … there are no limits to your imagination. Vegetables are low in fat, low in calories and healthy. 


Electric or gas barbecues
It does not always have to be charcoal: Electric or gas grills do not smoke (as much) as open fire. In addition, they eliminate the dangers of lighting the barbecue. However, there will be less or almost  none of the typical smoke or BBQ flavor without the use of charcoal and wood. 

By: Christian Lutz


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