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Ten years ago, picking a grill was simple. There were only a few brands that were carried by every major home improvement retailer. As soon as online retail became the trillion-dollar industry that it is today, the market for barbecue grills increased ten-fold. 

 5 Best Barbecue Grill Brands 

Most brands produce a variety of grills that are suitable for different situations. The following is a list of 5 excellent brands that consistently manufacture reliable grills. 

  1. Broil King


Just as their name implies, Broil King may very well be the “king” of today’s grill market. Consumer Reports’ list of best gas grills is dominated by various Broil King models. Broil King stands out as an obvious choice for anyone looking for a reliable entry-level grill. Their wide range of models are some of the most reliable grills for under $800 see more here. 

  1. Blaze


With what is widely considered the best bang-for-buck grill on the market, it’s no wonder that Blaze has a stranglehold on the lower mid-level bracket. Blaze’s 25-inch grill comes in at just over $1,500, but has a reputation for looking and grilling like it costs twice as much. At every price point, Blaze grills bring more value than many of their competitors. See Blaze gas Grills here

     3. Napoleon


Napoleon grills are known for closely resembling the mid-level models found in Weber’s catalog. Coming as a response to many of Weber’s innovations of the early 2000s, Napoleon has traditionally found ways to one up Weber in quality-of-life features. Napoleon offers some of the best and most reliable grills on the mid-level market. If you are looking for a grill in the $1,000 – $1,500 price range, Napoleon is a strong contender. Get one here for under $1300 


  1. Lynx


For the past 20 years, Lynx has been manufacturing professional grills of the highest quality. Originally known for their mega durable stainless-steel designs, Lynx is now on the cutting edge of grill technology. Their most expensive models boast features such as built in Wi-Fi, learning algorithms, and Intel processors. Professionals looking for the most reliable and technologically advanced grills should look no further than Lynx. There is hardly any competition in the top price range. 

  1. Weber


No list of top grill brands would be complete without the tried and true. Weber has been dominating the grill market since the 1950s, and is responsible for some of the most important barbecue innovations of our time. They compete in nearly every price range, and are known for their exceptional value across the board. Best of all, Weber has an incredibly low repair rate of under 2%. That rate is significantly lower than any other brand’s. Pick up a Weber Genesis 2 for $1049 shipped Free and Assemble FREE!

All of these Outdoor BBQ Barbecue Grills are also available for Propane Gas.

Get Started now. Everyone has to start somewhere. It takes practice, dedication and a desire to make the Best Barbecue in the neighborhood.


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