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It’s all about The Rub: BBQ Rub Review

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Slow cooking is an honored tradition of food preparation.

There’s something in the process. Heating your cooking surfaces to the perfect temperature, preparing your ingredients, coating your choice meat with a rub that’s just waiting to crust… oh so deliciously, and then basting again and again while the hours whiddle away. Slow cooking allows a chef to lose himself in the ritual of food preparation. Slow cooking isn’t a time-honored tradition because it produces some of the most delicious foods that can be cooked. Slow cooking is a tradition because it requires a chef to honor time. 

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Thinking about slow cooking inevitably leads into one of its most Important aspects, the Rub. At this  particular moment however, the discussion will focus on the most delicious of rubs  ̶  the sweet rub.  A rub is the most open opportunity available for a chef to create a flavor profile within. Without rubs, the most control you can exert onto a rack of ribs or onto a juicy pulled pork is the kind of meat and the length of time that the meat cooks for.  

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A good sweet rub is crafted with several different ingredients. Because of meat’s naturally savory aspects, some of the very best flavors to incorporate into a rub are flavors with sweet and hearty aspects. Brown sugar, lavender, and oregano are all amazing choices that bring out and compliment flavors that live hidden within the meat that is being cooked. With the main flavors in a rub determined – be sure to choose one or two secondary flavors for your dish. For example, if brown sugar is used in the rub for a pulled pork dish, then a key flavor to include is a trace amount of spicy cayenne to take the overly-sweet edge away from the aftertaste. This will leave the darkly robust molasses flavor of the brown sugar to really shine.

However, experimentation is key. There is no better way to grow and enjoy the process of slow cooking than through the creation of something that is truly your own. 

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After years of experimenting with pre-made Rubs, here is our list of Top Sweet Spicy Rubs:

It’s all about The Rub.

5 Star DL Jardines – Highly overlooked by the BBQ Community,this Rub is perfect on ribs, chicken, fish or pork. It is also great sprinkled on veggies or fries for an added zip! Spicy with a ‘lil bit of sweet balance.

Arthur Bryant’s Original – Famous Arthur Bryant’s Rub will make beef, pork, chicken or fish taste a little sweeter with its blend of spices. The famous Kansas City barbecue franchise also recommends adding the rub to Bloody Mary cocktails.

Eat More BBQ Most Powerful Stuff – Well-rounded Seasoning Rub. The mecca of all-purpose rubs, this spice blend turns your cow into WOW! Excellent on just about everything, but it really is  Powerful Stuff…so use caution.

Plow Boys Bold Bivine – The secret is in the blend of worcestershire, oregano, smoked chilies, and hint of cinnamon that give this rub its Kansas City appeal. Bold flavor for briskets, roasts, burgers, steaks, and even meatloaf.

Dizzy Pig Dizzy Dust – This is an all purpose rub designed for all of your flavoring needs. Full on flavor but very low on heat. This is a mild rub on the heat scale. Dizzy Pig Dizzy Dust is best on ribs, burgers, pork chops and chicken.

, Free Cooking and BBQ Magazine

So, whether you buy pre-made Rubs or experiment with your own, the key is slow cooking and knowing your tastes – “That’s the Rub!”

Come’n get it Photo courtesy of Drick’s Rambling Cafe Southern Heritage Recipes.

By Pitmaster Samuel Klusmeyer

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