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Ideas for Getting Your Outdoor Space Ready for Entertaining

As the Outdoor Entertaining Season begins, many homeowners dream about having a beautiful outdoor kitchen and patio area. No matter your budget, you can have the outdoor area designed for entertaining. Here are some ideas to help you get your outdoor grilling space ready for entertaining.

Ideas for Getting Your Outdoor Space Ready for Entertaining


Yard Size

The size of your yard determines where the outdoor table goes. It is much easier to determine the location of your table and grill if you have limited space in your yard. Bigger yards provide more choices. However, there are various factors to consider when deciding the table position.

If you have to use your indoor kitchen when entertaining outdoors, consider placing the table closer to the house for easy access. However, be sure to keep a reasonable distance between the table and the charcoal smoker or grill. The table should be positioned in such a way that it gives guests room to move between the dining table, buffet table, and outdoor kitchen.

Setting the Table

Consider the occasion when setting the outdoor dining table; you can set it up in an informal way or as fancy as you want. Outdoor tablecloths or runners can quickly spruce up the look of your outdoor dining table. They are available in a range of patterns and solids to cater to the varying tastes of users.


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Finding Shade

You can have the best dining table on the planet, but if it is sitting right in the middle of the yard in scorching sun, no one will care about its appeal. There are many ways to provide shade for your guests when dining outdoors. Consider installing outdoor umbrellas, sails, or shade cloths. Alternatively, build a gazebo. Dine in the evening if you do not have a shade over your outdoor entertaining area.


A View

Consider the view from your yard when designing your outdoor space. If your house sits on a raised hill, your guests should enjoy the dazzling view at night from your outdoor dining table. If you do not have views of your surroundings, consider having centerpieces within the yard to attract the attention of your guests towards the yard. Consider placing your outdoor dining table near beautiful features such as a garden, pool, or beautiful water feature.

Mix and match furniture to create the perfect set up for outdoor entertaining. Outdoor dining is a relatively informal activity. Therefore, there are no hard and fast rules as far as furniture choice is concerned. It is not necessary for the table to match the chairs or for all the chairs to match.

A good investment in accessories once (pillows, fountain, firepit) will bring years of enjoyment later.

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