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Here’s the Deal About Barbecue

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Hello fellow Pitmasters. Recently there was a poll made about the meaning of the word barbecue.  I have a few things to say about barbecue. I won’t go into detail right now about how to cook it, and what grills to use (or smokers for that matter). I am only here to set things right for all future posts going forward.  Barbecue is not a verb, or a gathering. It’s a noun. It is the meat of pork, which has been cooked using indirect heat. Which is a fancy word for “Slow-cooking.” Some people think that it means a cookout, but they are wrong. Maybe they don’t know any better, maybe they have never had barbecue, or worse, maybe they’re Yankees. (I kid, one of my recipes for barbecue chicken comes from a man out of New Jersey. He owns a Pizza joint, and has made plenty of firehouse chicken plates. He’s earned his southern medal)

Now, I’m not bashful when it comes to voicing my opinion about the great pastime that is grilling, so here we go.

First, people need to know what barbecue is. It is a dish. Preferably served with beans and coleslaw as sides. Most people cooking for their families will use a “Boston Butt” which is the shoulder of the pig. Because this is strictly a pork dish. Now before you Texans start yelling, you need to know that I’m from North Carolina. So of course, our sauce is comprised of apple cider vinegar, red peppers, salt, and black pepper. You Texans will always be the king of beef, but we are the king of barbecue.

, Free Cooking and BBQ Magazine

The best place to find this incredible dish, is a BBQ joint. My personal favorite is run by a friend of mine Paul Robinson, who happened to cater my wedding. It is named Currituck BBQ, and they offer chicken, brisket, and of course barbecue. You will know if it is a great BBQ joint, because it will look like a concrete box.

, Free Cooking and BBQ Magazine

So I hope I laid things to rest in regards to the Barbecue debate. Once again, I’m just a simple man from North Carolina, so you know I’m right about it.

Dannie is a Writer and Avid Griller. North Carolina Born and Raised. Follow him in a Pitmaster’s View….

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, Free Cooking and BBQ Magazine

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