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Healthy Food Trends – Food as Medicine

As Food Bloggers, we ponder all day thinking about Food, Cooking and What Our Readers might want or need.

As we began researching Food Trends and what the Food Trends for 2020 might be. .. It dawned on us as we scoured around…..

The #1 Food Trend for 2020 is Healthy Eating. With America’s Healthcare Crisis and the Affordable Healthcare Reform Act in Debate, most Americans are turning to Food as Medicine. Healing our Bodies with Food. Avoiding getting Sick in the first place, while dealing with the illnesses we already may have.

The most harmful and deadly diseases plaguing America today are caused by food–cheap, low-quality processed foods high in sugar, fat, salt, genetically modified ingredients–and pesticides. But when you reach for whole, nutrient-dense, organic foods, you get a food-remedy tool kit that will not only ward off cancer and heart disease, but also colds, flu, allergies, and a host of other ailments that plague us every day.

The body requires carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals to maintain healthy organs, bones, muscles, and nerves to produce hormones and chemicals that are necessary for the proper function of organs.

When young and on our own, we learn to nourish ourselves by cooking frozen TV dinners, bagged noodles and jarred sauces, boxed kits, deli meats and sandwiches, peanut butter and easy meal throw together’s. Not to mention eating out and junk food. As we age and realize by dining out that we like the taste of home cooked meals and miss them, we start to learn to cook. The longer you cook, the more you learn about food, ingredients, tastes and health benefits.

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Unfortunately, along the way, we sometimes acquire illnesses. According to the CDC, Americans suffer from the following Top Diseases and Illnesses.

  • Obesity
  • Hearth Disease
  • Cancer
  • Respiratory
  • Diabetes
  • Influenza and Pneumonia
  • Neurologic and Mental Disorders
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol

Clear examples and insights about future trends leads to idea generation and better informed new product development.

Diet is the leading factor in the majority of diseases and illnesses.

For example. Did you know that Nuts, Fiber, Omega 3, Healthy Fats and Sweet Potatoes can help with Heart Disease?

Fight and Prevent Various Cancers with White Tea, Coffee, Milk, Tomatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Pomegranites and Fiber.

Improve Respiratory Function with Garlic and Onion?

Prevent Diabetes by cutting Carbs, Refined Sugar and eating lots of Berries and Sugar Substitutes like Stevia Leaf, which is all-natural.

For Depression, Neurologic and Mental Disorders, avoid Drugs and eat more high-quality Meat. Grass Fed and Lean. The healthy fats will do you good. Include Berries, Coffee, Chocolate and avoid carbs and unnecessary sugars. Following a Mediterranean Diet is beneficial, which includes moderate alcohol intake. A glass of wine a day, keeps the doctor away. We love Grapes, after all.

Reduce Salt for High Blood Pressure, of course. But eat lots of yogurt. Its also a good Probiotic.

High Cholesterol? Sure, stop the Bad Fats, eat Whole Grains, Black Beans, Nuts, Ginger, Tumeric and allow yourself low doses of Alcohol  (Mediterranean).

Always allow yourself lots of Lemon, Lime, Orange, Fruits and Veggies for overall health. Popping Vitamins only will not provide the sustenance your body needs. This will improve your overall immune system health to fight colds and flu’s.

Healing your Body with Food

With that being said, here are our Top Food Trends for 2020:

♦ Trust Traditions with Modern Twists: Foodies are looking for comfort in age-old formulations, flavors and formats. Artisinal Butchery, Grass Fed Lean Meats, non-processed, Cooking over Fire or Charcoal (Grill vs. Frying), avoiding Butter, Sticking with Healthy Oils and Fats,  Smoking, both hot and cold(It is appearing in dairy, fruits, vegetables, desserts and even cocktails. Inspiration from smoked foods can be seen in unexpected applications such as beer, snacks and chewing gum. Flavors in this group include: Blackberry BBQ, Smoked Tomato, Torched Vanilla. Follow Old Wives Tales and Ayurvedic Practices. Explore Global Cuisines. Spices, Pickled and Fermented Foods.

♦ Root to Stem Plant Based: Plant Butchery is the preference for natural, simple and flexible diets. That will drive further expansion of vegetarian, vegan and other plant-focused formulations for main courses, side dishes and smoothy drinks. Try Seaweed, Roasted Watermelon Seeds and Plant Waters. Green and Purple are always In Style. Frozen is as good as Fresh and saves Time.

♦ Waste Not Want Not: The focus of sustainability zeros in on eliminating food waste. Learning to cook with Leftovers and/or Donating Food to Soup Kitchens is on the Rise.

♦ Choose Fiber: Choose Soluble Fiber and Alternate Carbs Choices. Protein Pasta, Whole Grains, Complex Carbs, Root Vegetables, etc.

♦ Time is of the Essence: The time investments required for products and meals will become as influential as nutrition or ingredient claims. Focus on learning to Cook Meals in 15 Minutes or less using Fresh or Frozen economical Food Choices. Balance your Plate with Protein, Starch and Veggies. Don’t forget your Fruits as snacks or desserts. Meal Plans are on the rise, as well as monthly deliveries of Seasonings.

♦ Balancing the Scales – Health for Everyone:  Healthy food and drink are not “luxuries.” If you are experiencing Health Issues and cannot afford a Doctor, please find a Social Worker who can help you obtain Food from your local Food Banks, Snap Food Benefits and/or Medicaid for low income individuals and families.

The real key to preventing disease and promoting health is not certain foods, but a lifestyle of regular physical activity and healthy eating, experts say.

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(Photo courtesy of Alt Ways to Heal)



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