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Autumn Grilled Pork Steaks on Weber

What beats a nice grilled piece of meat on a cool evening? Not much, other than getting your family together to enjoy it with you.

Seasonal Cooking by Pitmaster and the Cook

Outdoor Cooking in Autumn

But whether you have a family, friends, or just simply need time to yourself to reflect and get your thoughts together to unwind from the day, tossing a nice steak of whatever you prefer on an open flame and sitting back to relax will ease the tension of any day or even take a good day to a great day!

My steak of choice for such a day would be a nice shoulder cut pork steak.

My favorite recipe for said steak, a simple lemon and garlic pepper blend with a dash of cayenne pepper & a potato and veggie shish kabob on the side. But you can use your favorite seasoning.

Prep time is quick, simply warm up the grill and gather the seasonings. Add a small wood chunk, if you prefer. This will be a direct cook on your Grill / Smoker.

First arrange the shish kabob as your prefer, then place it on the grill and add roughly a tsp of salt and lightly pepper. Take advantage of this Seasons harvest of pumpkins, sweet potatoes, zucchini, etc.

Cook at 350 for approximately 8-10 minutes depending on the thickness of your potatoes. Then place the meat on the grill and season, to each their own on the amount of seasoning. For me, I prefer primarily garlic pepper with a hint of lemon pepper, and roughly one tablespoon of cayenne pepper.

Rotate the shish kabob and with the meat on, continue grilling for 15 minutes. Increase the temperature to 400 and flip the meat and shish kabob one last time. Cook for an additional 7-10 minutes, depending on your color preference.

Voila! A delicious meal that is a wonderful ending to a great day, or one that will make you completely forget a bad day.

There’s nothing like the aroma of grilling that takes you to that happy place every time.

Set up your table, light the firepit and invite the family outdoors. It’s all about the relaxing in the cool Autumn weather. 

Don’t let the change in Seasons prevent you from appreciating your outdoor Real Estate. A dedicated Grillmaster or Pitmaster continues to cook all Season long.
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Christoper is a Pitmaster from Clovis, NM. He wears many hats in life and is an avid griller sharing his secrets to outdoor cooking success.

By: Christopher Riviers


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