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Grandma Has Secrets

I have officially passed on 2 family recipes and it feels really good. I hear about this tradition all the time with chefs on television and older individuals I encounter. I have always wished that one of my grandmothers would have passed down a family recipe or recipe book to me or my mom, and eventually realized that I am that one.

One passed away before I was into cooking, and the other had no pass downs, so no book or recipes were shared with my generation. I know now that I am that person to share good flavors and dishes for my family.

Grandma’s Secret Recipes – Women Can Cook Outdoors!

I have 5 children and 6 grandchildren (munchkins, I call them), so I guess it is the perfect time to do just that, write things down. I have many favorite dishes that my family likes and requests on a regular basis. I rarely have someone help me make them, but my #2 daughter is the baker and comes over the day before any holiday and makes the desserts for the occasion. She would be the one to learn any secrets as she is there the day before. She says she wants the food when it is done vs after everyone has ate and she gets the butt end of everything, lol.

They tried to make my Sam Sosa’s ( a Mexican version of the Somali Sambusa) but missed a few things. Actually my #1 daughter knew my #2 daughter knew the recipe, brought everything to her to make, but they missed a few things. She told me 2 days later that she tried to make them on her own because her sister asked her to (cover up, fibber). I laughed, because they tried to conspire and make one of my signature dishes from memory and left out some stuff. It’s okay, next time they will know what to incorporate because I gave her the recipe.

The same day, I told my 7 year old that I was making grilled chicken. She said that she wanted buffalo chicken if I was going to make that dish. I told her that I needed sauce made and she knew the base ingredients, which really surprised me. She got the hot sauce and butter. She heated the butter and just need direction on how much hot sauce to add. When she got the right consistency, she asked me if I was holding out on other things to put in it, lol. I did a double take, because I had never shown her the base sauce, but she knew it. She asked what else, I told her but did not have to tell her how much of the additional items to add. I told her to look for the right color after he adds each ingredient. It was a great creation.

I grilled the chicken and based it with her sauce after every turnover. I slow cooked it on our electric grill, not the coal grill, so the sauce would set in because I did not marinating the meat prior to. When the food was done, she ate 2 legs and 3 thighs. I was once again surprised. I think she ate so much because it was her creation. My husband and son said that the chicken was different but so good that they had to eat all that was made. My daughter silently told me that when she had her first piece, she went back and put 4 more in a Tupperware bowl for later because she knew her dad and brother was going to eat it all. At 3am that morning, I went to the bathroom and low in behold, my daughter was sitting in her room, at her desk, eating that chicken that she put away. Thank GOD it was still Summer vacation.

You can learn alot from your family. Your grandma probably has some secret recipes to share – if you just ask.

By: Michelle K.

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