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Cooking for a Large Family

I wanted shrimp this weekend. I brought the 16/20 size, which is a pretty large size shrimp. I thawed them and cleaned them. Many don’t realize that larger shrimp need to be deveined on the underside also. Now it was time to marinate them. I always use soy, garlic, and onion. When I marinade shrimp or fish, I add an egg to the sauce. OMG, I didn’t have any eggs, so I created a substitute. I used vegetable oil and water. I whisked all the ingredients together and added the shrimp.

Tossing the shrimp in the mixture made me add an extra flavor to the bowl. I added 3 tablespoons of garlic chili sauce. I let this sit for about 30 minutes. The time it took to make the dredging mixture. I had 2 parts flour and 1 part cornmeal along with onion powder, pepper, and parsley flakes. All the shrimp was added to the dry mixture bowl, tossed around and pan fried not deep fried. In another pan, I deep fried homemade chicken tenders and some Jojo’s style potatoes.

The shrimp cost $13, chicken breasts were $9, and the potatoes were $5. I made enough food for 9 people. For $27, I think it was a cost effective meal for 9. Fried food is always a favorite. Dish it up with some healthy fruit and vegatables for a meal to remember.

healthy_family I have some banana peppers and limes today. What can I create with these ingredients? We went to an Asian restaurant this weekend and my husband loves their combo Pad tai, which has pork, chicken and shrimp. This dish has peppers and limes in it. I think I will try to make that. I already have mastered egg-rolls and pho, so it may just be time for me to expand my cooking and try making Thailand dishes now. I know I can get the needed ingredients at a deal as I shop at Asian grocery stores and get bulk vegetables, so I have most of the items. I would want my meat to be grilled. This is the spin I put on all dishes. This meal should not cost much at all.

By: Michelle K.

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