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From their Hearts to their Stomachs



DJ Jazzy Jeff – Celebrity Artist

Someone’s restaurant

Rachel – Contestant – The Bachelorette

Someone’s yard – Paid Space

Kim Kardashian – Realty TV / Law – Keeping Up

Someone’s yard – Paid space

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna – Family Members – Keeping Up

Someone’s yard = Paid Space



Pitmaster and the Cook Celebrities and Barbecue

Celebrities Love Barbecue – Will Smith on a BBQ Food Line

William Smith – Celebrity Actor

Someone’s Party – Their Family & Friends

Kristen Cavalerri – TV Personality


Ree Drummond – TV Cooking Celebrity and her Husband Vlad

On the plancha grill

From their Hearts to your Stomach

‘Southern Hospitality’ – Owned by Justin Timberlake, in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The Memphis-style barbecue place is renowned for it’s yummy food and guest celeb bartenders!

Justin Timberlake – Celebrity Musician


Kimberly Wyatt – Celebrity Dancer / Singer – Pussycat Dolls

So get out there and Get Grillin’ – You’ll never know who will show up for some of that Awesome Grub!

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