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Fabulous Fire Pits: How To

As the Autumn Season unfolds and the temperatures drop in the evening, it is time to consider installing a fire pit in your backyard. It is a surefire way to extend your Barbecue parties into the evenings, creating a focal point for socializing.

Advantages of Installing a Firepit

  • A well designed Fire Pit creates an attractive ambiance in your garden. Particularly if it’s surrounded by comfortable appealing chairs or benches. It will raise the value of your home.
  • You adapt a Firepit with a specially sized grill grate to convert from an open fire into a great place to cook outdoors. The beauty of this is the dual purpose of being able to grill your favorite foods and then remove the grate stoke up the fire and relax!
  • Create a way for friends to gather and stay warm when the evening chill sets in.

Firepit Types

Wood Burning Firepit: -This is probably the most budget-friendly option. It requires high maintenance ….but who can resist the warmth and crackling wood-fire aroma.

Propane Firepit:- These provide the ultimate convenience. However, if you are planning to sit around your fire pit for a few hours, it can become expensive burning all that propane. Also, make sure that there is a standby gas supply available.

Natural Gas Fire Pit:- these are usually a fixed installation attached to an underground gas line. These are generally sunken down into a patio or garden. Because of the online gas linkage, it will not run out of fuel and the gas is much cheaper to supply than propane.

Firepit Purchase vs Build

Firstly, decide on the location you wish to place the pit. Most urban areas require that you follow safety guidelines when placing your fire pit outdoors away from buildings.

Ready to buy Firepits

There are many ready to buy firepits on the market. Some popular types that Amazon lists are Outland Propane Gas Firepit or try a Sunnydaze wood-fuel pit. These are portable and come ready to place/use. Check Inventory HERE Pitmaster Cook Amazon Store


DIY Ready to Assemble

It is possible to purchase ready to assemble Firepit which comes with everything you need to build your own. I recommend the DIY Ashland Oldcastle concrete fire pit for its ease of construction with full instructions. Check Inventory HERE Pitmaster Cook Amazon Store

Build your Fire- Pit in your Backyard

You need to decide if you would like your firepit above the ground or sunken. There are pros and cons to both. Have a look at the diagram below.

If you are looking for a basic firepit dig down about 6 to 8 inches. You can go deeper but remember you don’t want such a deep pit that you can’t enjoy watching the fire!

There are many videos and home builder instructions available which will take you through how to build your own. It is immensely satisfying to design and build your firepit and then enjoy family and friends get-togethers around your masterpiece.


Decorating your Fire Pit Area

Accessorize the area surrounding your backyard pit. Try to use décor that looks great in the day but inviting at night as well.

Landscape the area around your fire pit. Whether you choose grass, pavers or simply gravel this will neaten and create a cozy surrounding area for furniture whether temporary or permanent.

Seating temporary or permanent – set up a few camping chairs around the fire or permanent with built-in benches.

Look at your surrounding area and stick to a complementary color theme.

String fairy lights and lanterns in surrounding bushes or on small tables. GO: Shopping

Place large potted plants in a semi-circle around the fire pit to create a cozy corner and a possible windbreak.

Design a simple cover for your pit. When not in use as a firepit it can adapt to use as a table. Remove it later to fire up and to continue the party.

Relax socialize and unwind around your backyard firepit!



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