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Environmentally Sustainable BBQ

An environmentally sustainable BBQ is possible. With a little extra effort, we can still enjoy your Outdoor Grilling whilst taking steps to ease your Carbon Footprint.

Below are several tips and product ideas that will help you to do your bit to protect our environment. By using these and passing onto friends and family you can ethically Barbecue.

Environmentally Sustainable BBQ

Gas vs Charcoal: The great Barbecue question !!

It has been scientifically proven that although gas comes from non-renewable fossil fuels it produces far fewer carbon emissions. Studies have shown that Gas grills generate 5.6 lbs of carbon dioxide per hour in comparison with charcoal grills produce 11 lbs per hour.

However, all is not lost for die-hard Charcoal Pitmaster’s. Many great charcoal alternatives will still allow that smokey flavor that only a charcoal grill can produce.

Sustainable Charcoal

  • Ask questions. Make sure that you purchase Charcoal that has been produced from sustainable timber operations. An example is The Original Charcoal Company. They make charcoal from hardwood private plantations where the wood is coppiced, not cut, which results in the tree being cut down to the stump and re-harvested as it grows back.Enviromentally Sustainable BBQ
  • If you must use Charcoal do so but avoid Briquettes which are usually saturated with chemical lighter fluid.
  • Consider buying charcoal logs that are made from coconut! It is organic natural and environmentally friendly.
  • Available from Amazon. Click on the link below:
  • Purchase a chimney starter. Rather use this to build a small fire with paper and cardboard and wood to light your main fire than use toxic lighter fluid.
  • It is possible to buy bio-friendly firelighters .i.e Eco blaze and Eco Kindles.

Gadgets that Promote Sustainability

Grill daddy pro grill cleaning brush

This is an efficient cleaning brush that utilizes steam to rinse away burnt-on food and dirt. There is a brush attached which can also release steam to allow for additional scraping.

No toxic cleaning chemicals are used.

The GoSun Portable Solar Oven.

This is great as a portable cooker which only utilizes the Sun’s rays. It is fast and reliable. It can be used to cook up to ten chicken wings at a time. Also useful as a complement to traditional Barbecues as it can cook Fresh Vegetables as a meat accompaniment. It will use solar technology to bake, roast steam or boil even in cloudy conditions.


Casus Grill

Environmentally Sustainable BBQ

A great portable single-use grill. It is made from natural materials and is 100 % sustainable. The exterior is manufactured from cardboard. Inside is the lava stones that retain heat. A Bamboo grill rack is included It can be ready to grill in 5 minutes. All of the materials are biodegradable except the lava stones which can be washed and used again.

Sustainable Food

Try to purchase your food, both meat and vegetable, from local farmer’s markets. Question how the food is grown. Does the farmer use chemicals? Is the food displayed and packed in disposable biodegradable containers? For a List of Farmer’s Markets Near You, please visit our Directory Farmers Markets.

Remember rather than throwing away any leftover foods take them home and add to your compost heap.

Little ways to be kind to the environment when Barbecuing

  • Use biodegradable or washable utensils and plates. A plastic plate will take almost 900 years to break down whilst a paper plate only 9 years. Depending on the type of paper plate often even less time. There is a range of palm leaf plates and bowls available if you look around.
  • Choose environmentally-friendly straws. There are great funky ranges of metal straws in the shops. They are often supplied with little brush cleaners. Otherwise, purchase biodegradable paper straws.
  • Use recycled aluminum foil.
  • Use cloth items and cloth bags instead of plastic or paper.
  • Use bug repellants and sunscreen made from natural products.
  • If you are decorating the area don’t use balloons. Carefully pick some wildflowers or place a selection of candles artistically.

Click on the link below to read an article previously written on Health Barbecue Tips.

The trick is to continue to enjoy your Outdoor Barbecue whilst being kind to the environment…. But most of all have sustainable fun!

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