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Easy Pulled Pork Recipe

I live in a cold, very cold climate and I use my grill all year round no matter what. Yes, even in the winter.

It can be 20 degrees below zero and I will still go out on the grill and use it. I will smoke meat, sear, or just grill the meal for the evening, including vegetables. You may shovel your sidewalk or driveway, but a path needs to be shoveled to the grill too in a chef’s home! My neighbors are probably wondering why I cook outside so much and I laugh or smile about that. They may be jealous because they don’t have the courage to bare the coldness. I wonder when someone will knock on my door to ask or catch me at the mailbox and inquire about my outside year round cooking.

I like to smoke pork and turkey. Eating pulled pork sandwiches from restaurants or at an acquaintance’s home and getting a big, tough, fatty piece of meat on my sandwich is a huge disappointment.

I use soy sauce and my special seasoning mix to put on the meat prior to placing it on the grill.

I have a crab apple tree in my backyard. When the wind blows and knocks off branches, I gather them and save them for the grill. I have noticed that pork roast is what is used for pulled pork, but I use pork loin. It makes less chances of fatty pieces. The way I cook it, it does not get dried out.

I let the coals get nice and hot while the wood sits in water so it doesn’t burn when I place it on the coals. I make sure the fire is on one side of the grill so that it doesn’t cook the meat too fast. I sear it on both sides to get a light char, baste it with the soy and seasoning mixture and add a half stick of melted butter, not margarine, then wrap it in foil. I place it on the side of the grill that has less heat. I let it stay there until the grill has no more smoke coming out of it. I guess it is about 4-6 hours total. It really depends on how many coals are used and how much wet wood you put on.

Once I take the meat off the grill, I let it rest until the foil is no longer hot. When I open the foil pack, steam still releases. I take a potato masher to shred the meat. Not the one with the small holes in it but the one that has the squiggly shape. The meat just disintegrates. Those around me are so surprised of how tender the meat is, the flavor, and how I don’t have to use 2 forks to shred the meat. The sandwiches are so good, I was told, and no sauce is ever added!

RECAP – Pulled Pork Recipe

By: Michelle Keaton

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