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Easy Pizza on the Grill

I try to make different meals for my family everyday, regardless of the weather, temperature, or season. In the Summer, it gets pretty hot in the house when the oven gets turned on, I learned this when I lived in Mississippi a long time ago. One 100 degree day, I decided to use the grill, instead of the oven, for a meal and it worked. I have found a new tool. Utilizing a grill to its’ fullest potential, is unexplored by many individuals. It really can be used as an oven and also a warmer.

Many people ask why I make pizza on the grill? I explained to them that I don’t like a hot or warm house in the Summer. I want to be cool when it is time to be cool and warm when it is time to be warm. Cooking outside is how I make meals 4 times a week anyway, so why not make pizza out the too? Grilling is for all types of food.

Frozen or homemade pizza is a common household favorite, but the Summer months make it hard to have. My children love pizza and so do I, but in the Summer, it is a no no, to turn on the oven. Even though I have central air conditioning in my home, it is still a, “You better not think of it!”, rule LOL.

Grilled Pita Pizza


One day, I found a tortilla in the store, that is basically the thickness of a thin crust pizza. I used this as my pizza crust because it held whatever we put on it and did not bend, break, or tear. We used all types of toppings to make our pizzas that day. We experimented by creating many different combinations. They all were kinds we have never tried. The pizzas were built and placed on grill for about 10 minutes on indirect heat or until the cheese is melted. It was a great Summertime meal!

By: Michelle K.


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