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Easy Cola Ham Recipe

One holiday I found a recipe for cooking ham. I altered it a little bit of course. It does include a bottle of cola, Yes in fact coca-cola . I cooked the ham as directed, time per pound, but I used the cola instead of water or broth. I usually get a 18-25 pound ham for the holiday. The cola doesn’t have to be brand named either. I put enough liquid to cover half of the meat. The oven is on 300 and a thermometer is used to check the temperature.

Easy Cola Ham Recipe

The meat is cooked covered with foil until the last hour. Then I uncover it, poke holes in it with a 2 prong cooking/serving fork, and baste the meat every 10 minutes or so. The meat comes out very tender a full of flavor. After the meat is done, you let it rest for about 45 minutes covered, then take it out the liquid, carve it accordingly, and set it to the side.

Now here comes the best part. Usually there is a bone in the ham. My kids take turns on who gets that bone. You can never get every single piece of meat off the bone when carving, so which ever kid is next for that holiday ham, gets the bone. Last Thanksgiving it was my 7 year old daughter who got it. It looked like the bone was bigger than her, but she tackled it like a champ. My 2 &3 year old grand daughters shared theirs on Christmas. That was a sight.

For the liquid, add a half of a stick of butter and let it melt in the warm juice, a couple teaspoons of minced garlic, some pepper, and onion powder.. Use a whisk and whip the liquid. Arrange the meat on a serving platter and drizzle the liquid over the top of it. Not all of it though, just a few ladles. I have small ramekins that I put some liquid in for dipping. The little ones like to dip everything, so I put their juice in ramekins for them or whoever wants to dip. I have been cooking ham this way for 10 years now. My whole family loves my holiday ham. Everyone wants the recipe, but it really isn’t one.

By: Michelle K.


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