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Easiest Creamed Cocktails Ever!

Easiest Creamed Cocktails Ever! Free Cooking and BBQ Magazine

We’ve all heard of and have tried Pina Colada’s or Mudslide’s. Around the Holidays, people tend to gravitate towards Kahlua, Rumchata, Irish Cream, Horchata, Almarula – all great Cocktails offering creamy indulgences with an alcohol perk.

Here’s the Easiest Creamed Cocktail Recipe Ever:

Take your favorite Coffee Mate or International Delight Coffee Creamer. Pour out 1/4 to 1/2 cup. Reserve for your Coffee. Pour in your favorite rum, vodka, brandy or whiskey. Shake. Pour into glass over ice (if preferred) and garnish with shaved chocolate, cinnamon, sprinkles, bacon, beef jerky, whipped cream, ice cream or cookie crumbles and serve.


You can choose any delicious flavor combination. Serve hot or cold. Think of the money you’ll save and your guests will be delighted!

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