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Destination BBQ- How to Pack and Cook Efficiently 

We’re all about the outdoor destination BBQ, especially when the sun comes out and you’re surrounded with loved ones. A destination BBQ can be efficient with the proper preparation, giving you more time to socialize. Delicious food brings people together- we’ll help you with the planning!

BBQ Picnic Destination Tips and Tricks

Ziplock’s. The best way to marinate your meat without taking up too much space in your cooler etc. Pre-marinate your steaks, kabobs, veggies you name it. Let these marinate in your ziplock bags in your cooler while you are on your way to your BBQ destination.

coolWhen cooking with raw meat, make sure to pack some antibacterial hand wipes to your remote family & friends BBQ.

When it comes to packaging your pre-made kabobs, its important to make sure the wooden kabob sticks are soaked in water for 30 minutes prior to preparation in order to avoid them to burn and break on the grill.

chickFor a healthy vegetarian option, prepare a homemade hummus with one can of chickpeas, a half of a cup of tahini, one garlic clove & lemon. Dip your grilled vegetable kabobs in this delicious hummus for all to enjoy.

When it comes to main courses, we want to eliminate as much utensil and plate use as possible so we are prioritizing finger food. Hamburgers, hotdogs and bratwursts are a great option limiting utensils and plates from your packing list.

For a healthier option, a frozen veggie burger is our go-to for a destination BBQ. Add some grilled pineapple for that summer sweet touch.

Entertaining outdoors is the perfect way to spend a nice day with friends and family. We believe that food brings people together whether its around an indoor table or outside enjoying the sunshine. Preparing a large destination BBQ can be simplified with the proper preparation.

By: Rebecca Hughes

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