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Confident Grill Cooking

I really realize every time we go somewhere, friends home or restaurant, how good I can cook after eating another cook’s food. Many people feel that they have this great talent for cooking but many really don’t. Food is often overcooked, lack of true flavor, or has so much sauce on it to make a taste. I ate some ribs this weekend from a friend’s gathering and OMG, me and my husband looked at each other and laughed. I felt bad because this couple sells dinners and come from southern states. I was told that southerners can cook real good, well I was born in Indiana and raised in Minnesota and got those cooks beat.


I made 2 slabs of Saint Louis style ribs and 2 slabs of Baby Backs Friday. You know I used my family’s famous base sauce. I used about a half cup of soy sauce and a half of a Dos Equis beer, along with garlic, onion, and garlic chili sauce. I did something differently this time. Every time I flipped the meat, after cutting the slabs in half, I basted the meat with the sauce. I prefer coal grills but was on limited time and used the propane one. Once I felt the meat was done, 80%, I cut the ribs into single bones. I dressed the ribs with that sauce. I put them in a large foil pan and back on the grill for about 45 minutes on low.

After making dinner plates, my son asks where is the sauce? I told him to try the meat then ask. He told me, “ Wow mom, I don’t even need any additional sauce, thanks!” I felt so good, and know that my food, made on a propane grill not a smoker or coal grill, was way better than what I tasted at the gathering.



By: Michelle K.

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