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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Gas Grilling

Like any other type of cooking, outdoor grilling is an art. You learn the basics, and after that, your skills and creativity are what make you stand out. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your gas grilling.

Keep Your Grill Clean

Keeping your grill clean minimizes chances of constant smoke and flare-ups. Incessant smoke can cause your food to cook unevenly and affect its flavor. One of the best ways to clean your grill is to turn it on and let it burn for about 15 minutes and then switch it off and remove all remaining residues from the grill.

High-temperature cleaning burns off excess grease but not all of it. Use a grill brush to remove stuck on food from the grill grates. At least once a year, remove the grill grates and burner cover to clean the grill thoroughly. You may notice an increase in grill performance after deep cleaning.

Control Flare-Ups

There are two essential things to know about fires when barbecuing: Fight the fire when you want to put it out and control it if you’re going to cook. Flare-ups should be controlled and not put out. Be sure to keep a portion of your grill empty so that you can quickly move your food in case of a flare-up. However, if the fire gets out of control, remove your food from the grill altogether, turn off the burners and leave the lid open to let the fire die down on its own.

Heat and Sugar

Some of the favorite cookout dishes include chicken or ribs coated with sauce, which may be made of sugar. It is essential to know that sauce burns quickly and can blacken foods. Therefore, be sure to keep your grilling temperature below 256 degrees Fahrenheit or 130 degrees Celsius to minimize chances of food being charred. Low and slow barbecue cooking may take a while, but it ensures the right results.

Burnt food on the barbecue grill often starts with “stepping inside for just a few seconds”. Whether you want to check the latest scores or get a drink for your date, a few minutes or seconds away from the grill can result in burnt food. For the best results, keep your eye on the grill. This is particularly true for foods such as steaks, burgers and chops that are often cooked at high temperatures over a short period. Prepare adequately and have everything you need within reach so that when you finally start cooking, you focus on your grilling.

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