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Comfort Food Review: Estelle’s Southern Cuisine – Laurel, MS

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Estelle’s Southern Cuisine and Catering – Laurel, MS 

Full disclosure: This restaurant doesn’t serve an entire classic Barbecue menu. But before you turn away your gaze and move on with your Que quest, hear me out. There are two reasons this location is included in my review of great Barbecue restaurants. First, the ribs are excellent and the offerings are buffet style, so it’s all you can eat. And second, the sides and peripherals are so varied and delicious that its’s worth going just to make a meal out of the veggies.  

Let’s talk about the true Barbecue offered. Estelle’s serves hand-rubbed, smoked-on-location ribs. These ribs are tender and full of flavor. They had a good crunchy crust on them but delivered soft, succulent meat. I enjoyed that little extra “crackle” as I dug my teeth into the exterior.  

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Next, and possibly my favorite Estelle’s attribute, for the price paid it’s an amazing deal since it’s all-you-can-eat ribs. Let that sink in. Stuff your face with fantastic, delicious, savory pork rib goodness. I think this is worth the price of admission alone. Also, Estelle’s is very reasonable for a buffet clocking in around $13 per person, depending on your order. By the way, dessert is homemade and included.  


Finally, I really enjoyed Estelle’s side offerings. They had turnip greens, lima beans, sweet potatoes, baked beans, cheesy rice and broccoli casserole, rice with beef brisket gravy, fried green tomatoes, a full salad bar, fried pickles, bread rolls and cornbread. Every side dish was worthy of its own review. The most difficult part of your visit is going to be deciding what to get when you go back for seconds.  

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Estelle’s is a clean, down-home establishment that will have you reminiscing about your favorite dinners at grandma’s house. The waiting staff is very courteous and helpful. My advice is to go hungry and leave happy! 

By: Joshua Rooks

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