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Celebrities Love to Barbecue too !

Barbecue. It’s a verb. It’s a noun. It’s an adjective. It’s messy.

It’s a Lifestyle for many. But it’s not only for us everyday common joe’s. The hoity-toity like it too!

There really aren’t many people that don’t enjoy a good Barbecue.

Whether you are an A-list Celebrity or simply a lover of Cooking Outdoors, Barbecuing is a classically healthy & social way to eat.


Many celebrities share pictures of themselves barbecuing. David Beckham often has pictures published that show he enjoys Barbecuing with friends and family. Have a look at the picture below which shows David gleefully surrounded by a Barbecue of various meats and pineapples.

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It seems also that Taylor Swift is a great Barbecue cook.

(Photo credit

Jamie Oliver has developed many recipes especially suited to Barbecuing. top-10-bbq-tips. He even Barbecues in the rain.

Kylie Kardashian has shared photos of her Barbecuing with fans. Her Cooked Barbeque Ribs, Marshmallow encrusted baked yams and Barbecued chicken wings are the real deal.

It’s not only movie /music celebrities who are famous for their Barbecues. Our presidents in the States have always enjoyed Barbecues. When Benjamin Harrison was president from 1889 to 1893, he hosted a giant Barbecue that served over 30,000 people.

Lyndon Johnson hosted many Texas-style Barbecues. He often went home to his Texas Ranch and conducted official business around the BBQ. This became a common event, and they invented the phrase “Barbecue Diplomacy”.

Prince William, future King of England apparently enjoys Barbecuing. He gave the prime minister of New Zealand an enthusiastic hand recently during a visit.


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Favorite Celebrity Barbecue Equipment

The “Big Green Egg “Barbecue is popular with stars and household names. Stars who have shared photos of themselves cooking on a Big Green Egg barbecue include David Beckham, Liz Hurley, The Duchess of Sussex and Kirstie Allsopp. The egg is now available in red. They are available for about $1200 but you could pick up a Char Griller Akorn here with us for about $125.

Just as well they earn good money as the top of the range Green Egg will set a Celeb back about $4500! The largest of these can cook a whole pig! The ceramic Barbecue retains heat and allows the users to control the temperatures. It is also popular with Vegans (Ellen Pompeo/Zac Efron) and Vegetarians (Paul McCartney/Kate Winslet) as it locks in moisture and allows vegetables to caramelize without burning.

Celebrity endorsed Barbecue Sauce

It has become popular for celebrities to endorse their name to a brand of Barbecue Sauce. Here are a few of the famous ones:

Boneyard Brew: Jo Perry from Aerosmith launched his range of sauces six years ago. His Barnyard Brew is a hot chili sauce that’s perfect for spice on the Barbecue.

Miss Patty’s sweet BBQ sauce: Patti la Belle developed a range of sauces from her own recipes. Her Sweet BBQ sauce is widely available. The sweet slightly spicy flavor is perfect for BBQ ribs.

Mad Anthony: The inspiration for this sauce comes from Michael Anthony (formerly Van Halen) now recording with his band Chicken Foot. His sauce is a chili hot product.

Barbecue Hall of Fame

An article on Celebrities and Barbecues would not be complete without mention of this hall of fame. Many Barbecue Chefs inducted into this Hall have become Celebrities Chefs.

A fine example is Guy Fieri who and has gone on to host his own TV show and produce may BBQ cookbooks. Another celebrity chef who has developed his passion for Barbecuing is Tuffy Stone. He has 41 Grand championships to his name. He is a respected Barbecue Judge and Celebrity Chef.

Celebrities favorite Barbecue Restaurants

Finally, if you don’t feel enjoyment setting up the Barbecue, then what better way to feed your soul than visiting a top Barbecue Restaurant? Visit our US Barbecue Directory to Find BBQ Near You! GO: Pitmaster and the Cook BBQ Directory.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Carin Sage and the cast of American Horror story have all visited the Maple Block Meat Company in Culver City. They serve their meats and vegetables form a Peachwood fuelled smoker.

The Holy Cow BBQ restaurant in Santa Monica can claim that they have served Kevin Hart, Tyra Banks, J.J. Abrams and Ed O Neill Barbecue staples from their restaurant. They serve a mean brisket and pulled chicken sampler platter.

Jamie Oliver’s BBQ restaurant in London Barbecoa is where celebrities hankering for their dose of BBQ flavor hang out. It has a two-tonne smoker that keeps on producing that 16 hr smoked rib!

Its clear that Celebrities are as keen on their Barbecue as us everyday Pitmasters. So much so, that they have incorporated it into their Fashion!

The #1 jacket favorite of the Celebs has always been the BBQ jacket -named loosely after its pattern resemblance to actual Barbecue Grill Marks ! Available in every color of the rainbow, each season it surprises us with a new twist! BENCH BBQ Jacket 

Guess with this jacket, we can smoke our Brisket all day long, then head over to the Grammy’s in Pitmaster Style?!

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