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Celebrities Barbecue too !

Celebrities also enjoy the outdoor healthy way of Barbecue grilling, eating and socializing. They are just like us ordinary folks with our Backyard Barbecues.

We all have our favorite celebrity. Whether, it is a famous actor, comedian, or reality star. In this digital age, it is becoming even easier to follow your favorite celebrity . This allows a glimpse into their ideal Barbecues.

Kid Rock 

This badass talented singer-songwriter enjoys his Barbecues. As a result, he has become involved in the design and manufacturing of his “American Bad Ass Grill”. Proudly  100 % made in the USA.

As Kid rock says: “Tough enough to last season after season but compact enough to take on the road, yet large enough to get the job done right. It’s the perfect grill for wherever you want to grill with a little attitude.”

The grill can hold up to a dozen burgers or three beer can chickens. Perfect for feeding a hungry road crew.

Who better to sell and promote a grill with attitude!

Laci Kay Somers

Laci Kay is an American model, singer and media personality. She has a massive social media following. Over 300,000 on Facebook to over 7.3 million on her Instagram page.

Click on the link below to watch a YouTube video featuring Laci Barbecuing. It’s uncertain that she has actually lit the fire in the video, but she sure looks good! She enjoys the healthy lifestyle that a Barbecue offers to help keep her in shape.


Chris Hemsworth

This internationally famous movie star lives in Australia, which is, of course, the land of “The Barbie.”

Chris, his friends, and families will often fire up the grill enjoying the all-year-round sunshine in Aussie.

He even took to Instagram in 2018, posting pictures of his “killing” Barbecue on the beach in Byron Bay. It’s clear from the images that Chris enjoys Barbecuing seafood straight from the ocean. Have a look at the fresh octopus in the picture above.

Who wouldn’t want to join Thor at his  Celebrities Barbecue!

DJ Jazzy Jeff

This record producer actor and comedian has begun a new collaboration with Pitmaster Myron Mixon. They will be celebrating music and flavor in partnership with Sauce brand McCormick.

As Jazz said: One of the most under-appreciated parts of the Barbecue is music,” My job is to add the music.”

They have recently revealed a concept grill with a built-in turntable. “There are two things you can’t fake – good food and good music “(Etta James). With Myron grilling and Jazz spinning, it’s gonna be a great BBQ.


Click on the link below to see the two grill their Triple Mustard Bacon Cheeseburger.


Will Smith

Will Smith requires no introduction. He enjoys firing up the Barbecue and spending time with his family.

The star says “I tend to keep it simple. For me, it’s chicken wings. If  they’re right, its perfection.”

And of course, who can forget the classic one-liner from Will from the Independence Day movie. As he loads up an alien in his parachute he comments:” I could have been at a BBQ!”

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel is the host and producer of the live show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

He is a self-confessed Barbecue Addict. In his backyard, he admits to having:- A Viking Gas grill, a Caja China Roasting box, A Tandoori oven, a Kalamazoo hybrid grill, an enormous Ole Hickory Pit Smoker and a Gas Grill made from marine grade steel.

His Barbecue tips include :

  1. Work ahead of time. “I smoke chicken wings in advance, then finish and crisp them on a scorching grill just before serving.”
  2. Remember that grill starters are battery-operated. “When it stops sparking, twist it off and replace the battery.”
  3. Leave the grill on high for 30 minutes after cooking. “Once the debris turns to ash, clean it easily with a wire brush.”

He also loves essential simple Barbecue dishes. He recommends buying some giant shrimp from Costco, with the shells on. Just shake Kosher salt over them and grill.

The Kardashians – Celebrities Barbecue Deluxe!

Kim Kardashian enjoys summertime grilled cheese sandwiches. She is very particular and only uses Velveeta American Cheese singles.

Kim says,” I always make these for all my friends and Barbecue at my mom’s house.”

Khloe and Kourtney prepare to help grill fresh seafood.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian:- They decided to host an engagement Backyard Barbecue Party. Blac showcases on Snapchat how she was teaching Rob to grill!

( Photo Credit:

It is clear that all the Kardashians enjoy an Outdoor family Barbecue. They make it a gathering time for a busy family. Often they use the occasions to announce special news. Khole announced her pregnancy to the family at a Barbecue.

Have a peek below at a picture showing the outdoor Barbecue area at one of Kim Kardashian’s houses.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

This famous couple is well known for posting on social media their enjoyment of Smoking and Barbecuing.

Chrissy was quick to tweet a picture of her new Kamado Joe Smoker. She had just bought one and was trying it out. The Chicken smoking upside down looking good!

John and Chrissy at a BBQ smoker challenge.

John has also posted on Instagram pictures of himself whilst preparing and enjoying Barbecue Food. Check out the pic below where he shows off his delicious-looking grilled rack of ribs.


I hope you enjoyed another glimpse into how Celebrities Barbecue.




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