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Celebrities and Barbecue 

In the BBQ circuit, many claim “Fame” when it comes to their ‘Que. Lots of Barbecue Brands seek endorsements from Celebrities. Or try to get recognized on TV or You Tube by critics or affectionado’s to gain popularity.

Many compete to prove their worth and gain recognition.

Everyone wants to become a Celebrity BBQ Chef.

We’re here to tell you where the Best Barbecue around is. (It could be your own backyard!)

But when you’re not at home, we’ll show you the way! Pitmaster Cook BBQ Guide & Directory

We’ll also share cooking tips, grilling hacks and BBQ Restaurant Reviews.

The first Review is for a man who Branded his name. Famous Dave.

Admittedly, this is a man who is famous for Barbecue. You probably won’t find him on the cover of Vanity Fair or Men’s Health Magazine any time soon. However, Famous Dave Anderson has a lock on some of the finest Barbecue you’re going to taste and what’s more, he’s got one heck of a story to tell.  

You see, Famous Dave didn’t start out so famous. In fact, you could say the odds were stacked against him. For a man who now boasts a nationwide Barbecue chain – literally with his name on it, he comes from humble origins.

Dave was born in Chicago, Illinois and he didn’t have a whole lot of opportunities. Rather than let the circumstances of his birth dictate the finality of his future, Dave persevered.  

Dave was initially not a great student. In high school, he was at the bottom of his class. When he was 18, he embarked on a sales endeavor and almost immediately, the venture failed. But Dave was not deterred. The next year, he started a company that dealt in the wholesale of flowers to florists in the Chicago area. Initially, he was met with some success. However, 7 years later, he had to file for bankruptcy.  

At this point, you would think that Dave would start to doubt his place in the world of sales. Well, you would be wrong. Dave took a position at a fortune 500 company on their sales force and after getting his bearings, took the company’s 12 state sales region from last in revenue, to first. Talk about a comeback! 

It doesn’t stop there for Dave. He continued to be successful in many ventures, and always learned from his mistakes and failures. After being appointed to councils overseeing tourism and financial management for Wisconsin and receiving a master’s degree in Business from Harvard University, Dave Anderson finally pursued his life-long dream of owning and operating a Barbecue Restaurant.  

In true Dave Anderson fashion, he wasted no time winning awards and accolades for his delicious sauces and tasty recipes. In fact, he was so successful that Famous Dave’s Barbecue served up to 8000 people a week in a town where the population was just 1800. I’d say he had some fans.  

Dave hasn’t had the road paved in front of him, but he never let his circumstances stop him from pursuing what he loved and that in which he had great skill. Believe me when I tell you that Dave knows how to make a phenomenal slab of ribs and some truly unique dishes. Though I have enjoyed every Famous Dave’s location that I have visited (and I’ve been to quite a few), the original location on Round Lake, Wisconsin outside of Hayward is the crown jewel. Dave retains full control of the restaurant and its menu and it shows in the quality of the food.  

In my life, I’ve always known Dave as a man whose core competency was Barbecue. But now I think great Barbecue may be a byproduct of his true gift: Dave wouldn’t settle for anything but the best. No matter the setbacks, he would pick himself up and raise the bar even higher.

Now, does that make Dave “Famous”? Yes!

A Celebrity? Well, maybe not in the sense we all know. But many Celeb’s also love Barbecue. Some have created Recipes, others a Brand. But most just love the carnivorous impulse of eating it.

We always love seeing Celeb’s caught Eating. It’s easier to catch them eating Fast Food. But some Celebrities love Cooking and Eating Barbecue too! Read on to Catch which Celeb’s are Cooking. And which Celebs’s are Eating Barbecue!

Leave the knives and forks at home & bring lots of napkins!

Celebrities Love to Barbecue too !

By: Joshua Rooks

Joshua is a BBQ Food Critic, Dad and Writer, among other things. Follow Josh on his BBQ Journey: Joshua Rooks 

The real takeaway is this: never lower your standards and always keep striving for the full satisfaction of the customer. Apply this principle to your cooking and you’ll always find a crowd reaching for the food you’ve prepared.  



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