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Capturing Smoky Grill Flavor without Sacrificing Health

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By: Rebecca Hughes


Capturing Smoky Grill Flavor without Sacrificing Health? We’ve got you covered.

Healthy Barbecue Ideas

The aroma of smoking BBQ during a gathering of loved ones is incomparable. Unfortunately, smoking meat has an unhealthy reputation. Often generalized as fatty, high in sodium, and even increasing the risk of cancers due to carcinogens.

Grilling over a live fire requires less oil as opposed to frying or sautéing. A live fire allows the meat to secrete extra fats and oils as it cooks. In addition, purchasing a leaner cut of meat or trimming it prior reduces these extra oils and fats.

When marinading for over an hour, we typically avoid adding salt to a rub or marinade. Adding salt during this stage alters the meats chemical compound making it less tender. A marinade with vinegar and an assortment of spices has been proven to reduce carcinogens- the cancer concerning factor of smoked meat. Marinades also create a barrier to avoid overcooking or burning during your grilling/smoking process.

, Free Cooking and BBQ Magazine

Even though high sodium may be associated with meat smoking, it can be avoided using a sodium-less or low-sodium marinade or rub. Sodium is a mineral but also an electrolyte essential for the water balance and absorption process in your body.

To summarize, grilling is an exceptional way to bring friends and family together. Which, at the end of the day, is the most important ingredient. Making this a communal grilling experience is imperative. Making it healthy and delicious is attainable with the right steps. In the age of carcinogens, finding ways to reduce sodium is congruent with a healthy lifestyle. Using a marinade with less sodium is a way to reduce negative dietary concerns surrounding smoking your meat. Creating said marinade adds a layer to on the meat to protect it from burning, cooking the meat for too long is associated with negative carcinogens. Splurging for a nicer cut of meat is, in the long run, in your best interest. In order to assure the healthiest and most delicious gathering, follow the above suggestions, and everyone will be satisfied and asking to come back for more.

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