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Enter – the Brussel Sprout.

Barbequing is a delicate art form. Slow cooked ribs made of meat that falls from the bone and steak crusted – tough on the exterior and tender internally. Meat that makes you believe that you can be more like Mr. Dos Equis, the most interesting man in the world. Good meat is something to revel in and it is mostly what a cookout should be built around. The cookout could end with people walking slowly ̶ arms cradling, bellies full of protein. But why stop there? A cookout can be better, legendary even, with the help of one small little vegetable.

Enter – the brussel sprout. The brussel sprouts’ unmistakable smell and uniquely meaty, savory flavor allows it to mesh incredibly well with multiple variations of red meat.

Barbeque Brussel Sprouts

This vegetables’ complex flavors give it a polarizing quality that creates a perfect palate cleanser. The sprouts intense nature is truly something marvelous when they are correctly prepared: salt, butter, and other flavor enhancers are always ideal when cooking with this pungent vegetable. Additionally, cooking brussel sprouts in a little bit of lemon juice will help to even out their natural  flavor.

Cook the vegetables by covering them with oil or melted butter and by dusting their tops with a little salt. Afterwards, a nice slow roast on the grill will cook your new favorite side dish to perfection. Roast the sprouts until they become tender. Once the leaves become tender, it means that all the deliciously flavored oils have risen to the surface. Make sure that the brussel sprouts are roasted with a cast iron cooking surface, a griddle, or another solid grilling surface. A solid cooking surface will ensure that none of the juicy, vegetabley goodness is lost.

Another idea is to skewer them with other veggies for a kebab style meal or side.

It’s hard to recommend a vegetable that brings more to a barbeque than brussel sprouts. The flavor of roasted brussels gives a dish layers which are unbelievably unique. Consider them, respect them, and savor them ̶ you will not be disappointed.

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By: Samuel Klusmeyer


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