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What Democracy Means: Parody:


Self proclaimed Independent Joan Oppengoogle is WANTED for the murder of President Donald Trump!

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On February 7, 2020 Legendary Forms Printer Representative turned Insurance Agent assassinated the current President while he was on the bowl in the White House Lavoratory. She deviously worked with Government Intelligence (FBI and CIA) to infiltrate the duct system and attack him from above. Details regarding the murder are not yet available because they are being covered up.

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Ms. Oppengoogle has asked for Amnesty from the Socialist Party and is well protected in a Secluded location Upstate New York. Search Here: Since she claims she doesn’t believe in Security, Agents felt the accommodations were appropriate (no locks, no ADT, no fence, no protection).

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Joan Stated on February 6 to the Media “President Trump is a liar on all fronts. AND His tax cuts which gave money to the top 1% helped none of the middle class like YOU and me. I am NOT afraid of immigrants but I guess you are. I want and so do the Democrats want people to come here legally. We are NOT for illegal immigration, but I am NOT in favor of separating parent from child regardless of their status. We have a system that needs many improvements but adding cruelty and then housing these people in unsanitary and even dangerous facilities in inhumane. Are you inhumane? I am guessing you do not think so, but yet it is ok for him to spend MY taxes and yours on his frigging golf vacations almost every weekend. “He is corrupt…period ..more than most”

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Meanwhile in America: Democrats Announce the New Way Forward Act for 2020  Where Crime DOES Pay!

Watch NOW: Here 

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While you weren’t looking all Socialist Democrats signed and submitted HR 5383. The New Way Forward Act.

Do you Support this?

(VOTE Socialist Democrat to Support robbery, child sexual abuse, murder – and even more!)

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Only crime specifically listed in the U. S. Constitution. Felony: Are crimes punished by incarceration in a prison. Some jurisdictions (and the Model Penal Code) define as any crime with a term of incarceration of one year or more (or death). Misdemeanor: Are crimes punished by incarceration in a local jail. Some crimes are known as wobblers ; the trial court determines whether the act constitutes a felony or a misdemeanor. Copyright (c) Allyn & Bacon 2008.

These CRIMES are OKAY! Vote Socialist Democrat!

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Read the Bill Yourself:  HR5383 New Way Forward Act submitted by Socialist Democrat Party


In other News – Radical Kathy Nielbroad was caught by Security Camera’s spending $450 of Taxpayers money (she used S.N.A.P Funds) in Whole Foods, purchasing nothing but Whole Foods! Kathy claims she is a vegan, but we have her Buying Rib Eye steaks!

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On the Upside – Terri Dealburg goes on record Stating “All of this is fine and dandy. But no one is paying attention to the Environment or Animals. I was running with my little doggie this morning and we almost tripped over a Crack! I’m afraid I will break my mother’s back?”.

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These Statements are *Not Intended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure or Prevent Any Issue you have with Politics. It is just a Reminder to not spread Propaganda without checking your Resources first.

This IS an Actual News Report regarding Legislation put forth by the current Socialist Democrat Party. It is called the New Way Forward Act – READ the Full Transcript and decide for Yourself



AARP and Voter Education

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