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Blended and Blending Meals

Think this Blender craze is a trendy new concept? Gourmet Chefs have been blending nutritious ingredients into your Restaurant Fare for decades. Blended soups and stews, smoothies, toppers, sauces, you name it!

Not only is this a great way to get your kids to eat mushrooms, onions or garlic, but it’s also a perfect way to get your daily fruits and veggie intake.

Gourmet Shops are popping up everywhere serving nutritious Smoothies, Smoothie Bowls, Soups and the like. Save your $11 per and make it yourself! Your family will Thank You a thousand times over.

The USDA has done away with that old Classic Food Pyramid and has introduced the My Plate Guide.

They are recommending 5-6 Servings of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables per day. For the average busy hectic lives of most Americans, this is just not possible. But it is critical for Vital Health.

We here at Pitmaster and the Cook are mostly Keto with a Nutritarian twist. We love our proteins and healthy fats, but also include lots of fruits, veggies and organic whole grains. So we wanted to share a basic Smoothie Infographic to kick start you on your Blender Way. With the New Year right around the corner, this is a perfect Time to GET STARTED!

Building a Healthy Tasty Smoothie is Simple.

  1. Liquid – Such as milk
  2.  Frozen Fruit – Pick your fav’s
  3.  Nutritious Veggies – See chart above
  4.  Something Sweet
  5.  Protein – Such as yogurt (probiotic) or nut butters
  6.  Flavor Enhancers
  7.  For added benefit, add in a Smoothie Booster (You can find them on Amazon) You can add in what you feel you are short on. Supplements, wheatgrass, wheat germ, collagen, the list goes on and on. And once you start looking, good old Google will show you all sorts of blender options from Frozen Smoothie Kits to Dehydrated Fruits and Veggies ~ Ready to Blend.

Alternately, the same concept works for Blended Soups and Savory Meals.

Once you start, you will learn about thickness and consistency desired. So, when working with Savory Recipes you can add Beans, Nuts or Avacado’s instead of Banana’s as thickeners. So, start slow, head on out to the store or Amazon and pick up a few select favorites and start there. Don’t forget you need a powerful blender to get things mixed and blended well. Cheers!

Do you have a Favorite Sweet or Savory Blender Recipe to Share? If so, tell us in the comments below. We are in a Community that Shares!

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