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Beef Chuck Gets a Bad Rap

Chances are that you’ve come across Chuck in the meat Section of the Grocery aisle many times and have just walked past. Beef Chuck gets a Bad Rap.

For one thing, it is one of the least expensive beef cuts out there. So many people think Chuck is a tough cut which is chewy, fatty and gristly. So, they Cook the crap out of it, thinking it will tenderize it.

That’s the worst thing you can do! Chuck is one of the Beefiest, most Tender parts of the Cow – when Cooked right!

Here are some Tips from the Pitmaster:


Chuck Filet Roast:  Chuck tender, listed as a number of other names, including mock tender roast, chuck filet and chuck-eye, is cut from the shoulder of a steer or heifer. This is a great cut if you are feeding a crowd. It is a great alternative to pork butt. Many people use this cut for the extremely popular Pepper Stout Bee f braise. Cook it Rare to Medium Rare and Slice it Thin. And, don’t forget to cut it across the grain!

7 Bone Chuck Steak: Also Known As: 7-Bone, Bone-In. Simply Marinate and Grill. You’ll get some good bits but you’ll need to work around to get it.

Chuck Ribs: Also Known As: Beef Ribs; Braising Ribs; Short Ribs. This is one instance where low and slow smoking and braising creates fall apart tender Ribs. Pull at 203 degrees F.

Smoked beef chuck ribs are a slow process and require nice consistent smoker temperatures and a perfect internal temperature on the meat to get optimum results.

Chuck Grillers: If you are lucky enough to be near a Stop-n-Shop supermarket, keep your eye out for this Butchers secret. We are not really sure where this piece of Chuck comes from but it is the most juicy, beefy, tender cut for a quick sear on the Grill. It is best served medium, pull at 145 degrees F,


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