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BBQ Rub Review: Whistle Stop Grill It

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Those who Grill know that flavor of a good Charcoal sear. Some may be turned off thinking about using Charcoal as a Seasoning on their Que.

Charcoal seasoning was invented in 1935 by a Greek immigrant named Rubin Hanan and his wife Julia. The two began selling steaks liberally seasoned with their charcoal spice blend called Black Magic. 

This idea picked up speed down South in Alabama 10 years or so ago and now there are plenty of Rubs to choose from.

Some actually contain Charcoal while others have carbonized sugar to create that Grill Flavor.

We’ve been experimenting with Charcoal Rubs and wanted to give you some Quick Reviews of our findings before we Review the Whistle Stop Grill It Rub.

Charcoal Seasoning Rub Review

  • Our First Try: Southern Flavor – Has a nice charcoal flavor but was a little too subtle for our Taste.
  • Then We Tried: Sure Shot Sids Gunpowder – Has a little more Pop.
  • Our 3rd Encounter: Totonka Dust – Tasted nothing like the others. It was super bold and savory. Very nice on Steaks but a little too powerful for poultry or pork.
  • Then: Mrs. Rubins Black Magic – It had a great all around Charcoal Flavor. It is a more versatile seasoning than the Totonka Dust. It worked well on chicken and pork.

, Free Cooking and BBQ Magazine

Each year, we usually add a Charcoal Flavored Rub to our Annual order. We found this New Rub while reviewing one of our favorite stores ( Soups Online)  and since it was under $5.00, we decided to Give it a try.

We had some Burgers on the menu for a quick sear, so it seemed like a perfect opportunity., Free Cooking and BBQ Magazine

, Free Cooking and BBQ Magazine

Overall, the Rub had a good Charcoal flavor. It’s a good first time Rub if you are just getting into these types of Rubs, but Black Magic is still my favorite.

Next Rub on my radar is Jess Pryles Hardcore Carnivore.

What is your Favorite Charcoal Rub?