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BBQ Review: Stonewall Barbecue – Oakgrove, MS

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By: Joshua Rooks

Stonewall Barbecue – Oak Grove, MS 


Stonewall’s is just south of Hattiesburg, MS. It’s technically a chain, but it’s the least chain-y barbecue restaurant I’ve ever been to. I liked the establishment. It had a drive-in type feel, but without the outdoor service. This is a dine in or take out location. Just to be clear, the waiting staff was very helpful and friendly. Now, on to the food.  


I ordered the three-meat plate, which was very reasonable at $12.50. I got a very good amount of food for what I paid. My meats were smoked chicken (A full leg quarter), smoked sausage, and pulled pork. I ordered two sides of green beans and cheesy potato casserole. The sides were prepared perfectly. I genuinely enjoyed them. They actually tasted completely homemade. The green beans even had some brisket in them. It was a good start.  


The star of the plate was the smoked chicken. Wow, it was a perfectly smoked bird. The chicken was tender, moist, and delicious. I was a little saddened when I had exhausted all that was in my meal, and again, it was a full leg quarter. The rub added a good crisp to the meat’s juicy, succulent texture.  


I was pleasantly surprised by the smoked sausage. No store-bought flavors here. I was worried that I’d get something that tasted like I had just pulled it off the shelf. To my surprise, the sausage was juicy and packed with a huge flavor profile. I’d go back and order the sausage by itself if it weren’t for the amazing chicken.  


The least satisfying member of the meat trio was the pulled pork. It wasn’t bad, but it was just out shined and out played by the sausage and the chicken. I probably wouldn’t order it again simply because I know there are other entrees that are better. Sorry, pork. We had to pull you.  


Additionally, I spotted some smoked chicken salad. I asked about it and the staff offered me a sample. Another home run for the tender, smoked chicken. It contained grapes and some herbs and spices in a mayonnaise mixture. I can honestly say, I’d order just a tub of this stuff and call it a day. It had just a tinge of heat, so take that into consideration. Also, I’m not sure whether or not there were any nuts as I only had a sample, so make sure to check with the chef If you have any allergies.  


All-in-all, Stonewall’s Barbecue is a great place to eat. The other meats and sides looked fantastic and I can’t wait to try them on my next visit. Thanks to their reasonable prices, I can do that fairly often. If you’re looking for great barbecue at a great value, give Stonewall’s a try. 

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