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BBQ Review: Leatha’s Bar-B-Que Inn

Leatha’s Barbecue Inn – Hattiesburg, MS 


Prepare to have your jaw drop to the floor. There are so many times I was blown away at this restaurant that I stopped counting. First, I’ve got to comment on the building. You’re going to drive up and say, “wait…is this really the place?” I can’t tell you how many times that has led me to a stellar dining experience and Leatha’s was no exception.  


Pulling up to the restaurant, I thought the building was actually a shed or an establishment in front of Leatha’s. In fact, because Leatha’s sits off the road, you have to pull into another restaurant’s parking lot to get to it. Trust me when I say, don’t even give your surroundings a second look. You’re about to enter barbecue heaven.  


Getting straight to the point, I ordered the half and half, two meat plate. It comes with two sides. Those sides were sweet potato fries and baked beans. For my meat, I chose pork ribs and beef ribs. The pork ribs were perfectly smoked with a great tasting rub. They had a good crisp to them but fell right off the bone. I don’t like mushy ribs so this was great.  

The beef ribs were truly noteworthy. The smoke ring seen in the meat went almost an eighth of an inch deep. The visuals alone were mouthwatering. But the flavor profile here was insane. The smoke plus the subtle and rich flavor of the meat instantly catapulted this sample to the star status. Honestly, the pork ribs were great, but I almost forgot about them. That’s how good these beef ribs were.  


The beef ribs were served off the bone, so there wasn’t anything stopping me from adding it to my baked beans. The beans were on another level. There are many examples of great baked beans, but these stood head and shoulders above the rest. They were just at that point where they were about to hit refried consistency, but still had some texture. The flavor was the perfect blend of sweet and savory.  


The sweet potato fries were the perfect example of this side dish. Nice and crispy with all the flavor you love from the potato. But there was a dusting of a certain spice that I could never quite pin down. It was also present in the barbecue sauce. It wasn’t hot, but it had a very distinct, almost exotic taste to it. Definitely not your run of the mill recipe and definitely worth mentioning.  


The portions are big at Leatha’s. I would definitely say that the prices are a bit on the higher side, but for what you’re getting, two people could easily share a meal and leave full. I got a good glimpse of everything on the menu before I left and it all looked fantastic.  


The menu isn’t long. This is a no frills barbecue restaurant and trust me when I tell you, you’ll be dreaming about it for weeks to come. I’m already planning my next trip. Do yourself a favor and make a B-line to Leatha’s if you happen to be in Hattiesburg, MS.  

By: Joshua Rooks


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