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BBQ Review – Hog Heaven

By: Joshua Rooks

Hog Heaven Barbecue – Laurel, MS 


Mississippi is the patron state of gas station barbecue, and Hog Heaven finds itself among these humble origins.  


Hog Heaven has since moved to a standalone location just down the road from their original location. They’ve done an amazing job with the construction of their restaurant. It’s a combination of nostalgic memorabilia and industrial architecture commonly found in the area. But we’re not really here for the decorations, are we?  


In the case of Hog Heaven, one whiff of their smoked sausage and you’ll swear you’ve just heard angels singing. The “snap” of the first bite gives way to juicy smoke and savory tang. There’s no shortage of flavor profile here. The endorphins kick in, and you’re left with a smile that does nothing but get bigger. 


But that’s not the only attraction to be found. If you’re into chicken, you’ve got to try their smoked wings. Oh, you’ve had smoked wings before? That’s great. But you haven’t had THESE smoked wings. I was so impressed with the entirety of the dish that for the next few visits, I ordered nothing else. Let’s just say they leave a good impression.  


Moving on to the sides, there are a plethora of options and I haven’t found a bad one yet. Specifically, try the turnip greens and the sweet potato casserole. The greens are some of the best I’ve had and the casserole is almost a dessert. I tell my wife I’m justified in getting the casserole because I ate the healthier greens. Logic, right?  


Wrapping up, we’ve got to talk about the sauce. It’s a tomato base that has some key herbs added. There’s a lot going on inside this tangy, medium sweet dipping delight. It’s like the combination of a Memphis and Carolina sauce. It has an earthy flavor and becomes a great compliment to the smokiness of the meat.  


You can’t go wrong at Hog Heaven. My only suggestion is to check with the chef if you have food allergies. Other than that, be prepared for some feel-good hugs from your taste buds. If you’ve been there, let us know your Rating at

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