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BBQ Review: Dickey’s – Laurel, Mississippi

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By: Joshua Rooks


Dickey’s – Laurel, Mississippi 


For a chain restaurant, Dickey’s does a pretty good job of keeping it real. Real barbecue. Walking in, you’re greeted with the savory smells of smoke. There’s the first test passed. I felt the menu from which to order was in a slightly incoherent order, but that has nothing to do with the food. 


I ordered a three-meat plate that came with two sides and a roll. The three meats I chose were spicy cheddar sausage, beef brisket, and ribs. I chose a double order of green beans for my sides. The roll was good quality with a wonderful aroma and flavor.  


The cheddar sausage was honestly the weak link in the order. It wasn’t bad by any means, but though it was juicy and tender, it did not have the smokiest of flavors. I was looking forward to this. Other local establishments have far better sausage offerings.  


The brisket was good. I cannot overstate how tender the beef was. I would have liked a slightly more pronounced smoke flavor, but I would order the brisket again the next time I go.  


The star of the show was definitely the rib portion. I can fully endorse the ribs from this location. From top to bottom, they were exceptionally tender with a visible smoke ring in the meat. The smoke penetrated deep into the meat to the point that It required absolutely no barbecue sauce to enjoy. Though the rib plate is slightly more expensive than the other offerings, it’s well worth the extra cost.  


Though the ribs were fantastic, the green beans were disappointing. They were well cooked, tender, and juicy, but they contained copious amounts of black pepper. I am not disparaging anyone who enjoys lots of black pepper on their meals, but I was barely able to taste the green beans.  


The barbecue sauce was very good. I would describe it as the perfect blend of sweet and savory. In fact, it’s more on the savory side and somewhat thick. I can best describe it as a mole sauce that meats a thin gravy. But of course, barbecue in flavor. Of the three versions (original, sweet, and spicy) I preferred the original.  


The Laurel location of Dickey’s barbecue is worth a visit. For a chain restaurant, they certainly aim to produce quality barbecue. Stop by if you’re looking for a quick, tasty bite.  

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